Barber Station Mat (black/red)

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Color:black/red Whether you are a new barber or stylist or have been a barber or stylist for some time, there are certain things that you need to consider in order to make your life easier and your customers happier. This can range from the best pair of scissors to use, product that you want to offer to your customers, or even the chair that you want your customers to sit in. There are many choices that you have to make and you have to consider not only the happiness and satisfaction of your customers, but your own satisfaction and happiness. That said, we believe that there is one decision that you can (and should) make to remove some major headaches with the work you love. We believe that you should seriously consider obtaining the TruBarber Station Mat. The TruBarber Station Mat can provide a significant number of benefits to you as a barber or stylist, including less falling off clipper, get damage and more Organized station and tools. TruBarber Station mat 19in X 13 in. Fits most barber work stations. Easy to clean and durable. Anti slip in most surfaces. Heat resistant up to 190F



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