GoodJanes Kiss My Lash – Tri-Fold Makeup and Eyelash Hands-Free Mirror & Stand Bundle

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Anyone who wears make-up uses a mirror to help them look their best, unfortunately there are certain challenges when it comes to the application of make-up and eyelashes. With GoodJane’s Kiss My Lash Mirror and Hands-Free Stand Bundle, putting on fake eyelashes has never been easier. With its unique tri-fold design that allows a user to see their eyelashes from both the top and bottom angle at the same time and an easy to assemble stand that allows for free movement and manipulation of the mirror as well as magnets that allow for the mirror to quickly be detached, this bundle pack will be the center of your make-up vanity. The mission of GoodJanes is to bring fresh innovations and environmentally-friendly ingredients to the cosmetics industry, while not compromising the luxurious and modern feel of our products. With essential formulas and cutting-edge technology, GoodJanes promotes a health-conscious and pure way of life while maintaining a fashion-forward vision for our brand. We want to enlighten our customers on what is really going on their skin to encourage women to feel more confident and beautiful each and every day.



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