InkBed Locking Wall Mount Tattoo Station with Stainless Steel Top Machine Holder & 4 Port Power Strip

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This Locking Wall Mount Station is made out of durable, MDF wood. The top of this station is covered in stainless steel with a brushed finish for an elegant design and functional, easy to clean work area. The rest of the station is covered in black matte formica for a stylish contrasting finish. The locking drawer keeps all of your implements and tools safe and secure. This station comes to you fully assembled so you need only take it out of the box, attach to the wall using the easy to install french cleat, and you are ready for business. The station comes with a pre-installed 4-port power strip exposed in the bottom of the station so you can plug in up to four of your electrical tools with ease. French Cleat for easy and secure wall mounting FREEtabletop appliance holder (details below) Locking drawer for secure storage of your tools and products Two side storage cubbies offer additional room for products/tools 4-port power strip pre-mounted on the bottom of the station The black appliance holder is constructed of high quality welded steel with a contemporary textured black finish. The steel is protected with a black powdercoat finish to shows off the textures in a stylish fashion. This appliance holder has an extra large profile to allow it to sit securely on your table top, counter, or station. Features: Thick high-quality steel frame in a textured black powdercoat finish Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 6’h x 7.75’d x 9.8’w Wide Blower Nozzle Slot: 3′ diameter One Large Round Iron Holder: 1-3/4′ diameter One Medium Round Iron Holder: 1-1/2′ diameter One Small Round Iron Holder: 1-1/4′ diameter One Tapered/Tight Round Iron Holder: 1′ diameter Two Flat Iron Holders: 1’wide by 3-1/4’long



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