KUSSHI Washable Makeup & Cosmetic Travel Bag with Brush Organizer

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Color:Royal Blue Fabric Do you carry a lot of makeup when you travel? Are you constantly digging around your bag? We want you to be ready for your next travel adventure. Kusshi was built on the notion that all travel products should make traveling easier, keeping your most valuable items protected and easily accessible. Your travel accessories should help you stay organized while living your luxurious and fashionable life. Every bag, organizer, and clutch cover is handcrafted with the highest quality leather and materials by a luxury goods manufacturer so your Kusshi is built to last. See everything in your makeup bag without having to take it all out. It is beautiful to look at, and is perfect for everyday use and travel. Give one to your daughter, mother or friend as a gift. Get Your Kusshi Makeup Bag & Organizer Today!



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