Luffoliate – Loofah Pad Refill (22 x 20 Inches) Large

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The Luffoliate hands-free solution bath loofah back scrubber changes the way you wash your back with a hands-free, no-reach design that hugs your back. Unlike other back-scratcher, shower scrubber, shower brush, or loofah sponge that only washes a small part of the back, the back-loofah cleanses and exfoliates the entire back, reaching all those hard-to-clean and scrub areas. Luffoliate shower back scrubber is critical for removing dead skin and cleans oil build-up in pores. Other back brush long handle for shower, shower brush with long handle, skin scrubber, hand lufa sponge or a loofah body scrubber brush require reaching over. The only hands free loofah back-scrubber, shower loofah for you is Luffoliate. Luffoliate shower back scrubber is effortless! Our body scrubber with the loofah sponge is meant for everyone who is searching for a solution to prevent strain, pain, and reaching. Best back washer! Our bath scrubber requires little to no effort. It’s more effective than a shower scrub brush. Luffoliate provides great benefits. The all-natural loofa scrubber is perfect for all types of skin. It removes dirt, dead skin, and oil build up. It is more effective than a back brush or a bath brush. Luffoliate helps prevent back acne. It’s also a great back scratcher! Our skin scrubber is a great exfoliating product without the need for a shower cleaning brush! No more bath sponges for women and men, as they are ineffective! No more using a long handled bath sponge…its ineffective! Do not use benzoyl peroxide body wash when exfoliating. The Luffoliate shower scrub is your hands-free solution for a clean and exfoliated back as luffa sponges are not as effective. Our back loofah with board has four suction cups that securely locks onto a shower wall. Simply install the luffa pad on the board, and scrub away!



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