Magi-Mirror Telescoping Suction Cup Travel Mirror, Double Sided 2.5X Mirror, Made in USA

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Magi-Mirror™ is Fog-resistant, virtually unbreakable travel mirror with travel pouch. Magi-Mirror is the Original Telescoping Travel Mirror with the non glass break resistant plated Mirror. We are the manufacturer of the Magi-Mirror, and yes it is still made in the USA after 28 yrs. The arm extends up to 30 inches to bring the mirror close to you, for applying makeup or shaving. Extends up to 30 inches and stores easily for storage in its pouch. Our Magi Mirror is made by chrome plating an industrial resin disk, this is an expensive process but creates a very durable mirror, that will not shatter like a glass mirror. One side is true the other side is 2.5x magnification, mirror is 4 Inches in Diameter The unique MagiMirror easily Swivels from regular to magnifying. Great for inserting contact lenses, shaving, applying eye make-up, etc. Also a great Low Vision mirror for those with extreme near sightedness. The Magi- Mirror attaches with suction cups to any smooth glass or tile surface. Base color is Black. MADE IN USA.



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