Panasonic Straight Iron Nano Care EH-HS99-P (Pink)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Product features ★ Straight from the root to the tip of the hair until the night. ‘Nano Eee’ to hair with shiny fingers. ★ Slim Head & Easy From Bottom with Familiar Grip ◆ Slim Head ● The tip became slim, making it easy to insert into the root. ◆ Fit grip with hands ● With a grip that smoothly adapts to your hands, it is easy to pinch your hair and it is easy to stretch. It became easier to styling with smooth motion. ◆ Temperature uniform plate ● By making the temperature of the ironing board uniform, the temperature is uniform even when it is sandwiched anywhere on the plate! ● Heat is more easily transmitted to the hair, and the styling speed is improved. ◆ Heater temperature drop detection function ● Equipped with a heater temperature drop detection function that suppresses temperature drop of the iron board. ● Stretched clean, the hair that you styled tightly straight until the night. ◆ Can be used up to about 200 ° C, 5 stage temperature control ● Temperature control of 5 stages (about 130 ° C / 155 ° C / 170 ° C / 185 ° C / 200 ° C) that allows you to choose the temperature according to the condition of the hair ★ Gloss coating reduces color loss of coloring, shiny styling ● Suppress color fading, realize shiny hair. It brings a feeling of moisture and a sense of cohesiveness of hair ends. ◆ Effect of gross coating ● Hair shine feeling ● Moist feeling ● Suppress color fading ● Feeling of cohesion of hair ends ※ ● The effect of coloring, the effect on hair depends on the condition of hair. ◆ ‘Nanoe’ to hair with glossy fingers. ● ‘Nanoe’ plenty of moisture permeates moisture into the hair and tightens the cuticle. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By ‘Newsbridge’ ★ ★ ※



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