Premium Fully Automatic Telescopic 360° Rotation Male Sucker 4D Simulation Passage Strong Sucktion 10 Modes 5 Speed

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As for the physical needs, Sexual release can be the most wonderful thing you can ever do with yourself.It is a normal and healthy way for people to explore their own bodies, relax, feel pleasure, and release pressure;Our rechargeable male sucker can relieve you and bring you the most pleasing experience with 10 modes 5 speed of high-speed thrust and Rotation anytime and anywhere.It is fit enough to accept all dicks;This fully hands free automatic male sucker, rapid expansion, a very long trip, channel stimulation, dozens of enjoy, fast enough, enough stimulation, powerful motor, faster, more quickly,45mm retractable stroke,380 times per min telescopic speed, more exciting friction pleasure.360 degrees hands free rotation, card removal, cleaning, magnetic suction, strong charging. Introduction:- Material: ABS+TPE- Water resist&USB Charger&Detachable 360 degree Vacuum Suction Pad- Lifetime: Washable&ReusableATTENTION:1.Vacuum suction will only do it’s job on TOTALLY SMOOTH SURFACE, such as ceramic tiles, floor tiles, will look useless if you would like to use it on wood. And it will help you feel more secure if put some water under the suction;2. If the product is not in use for a long time, please charge it once every 3 months at least;3.When the product runs out of power, please charge it immediately. Unplug the charging cable when fully charged to avoid overcharge;4.The product can not start in the charging period, unplug the cable before use;5.Keep the product away from heat and dirt, and can not be long-term pressed to avoid functional damage;6.Do not wash the cup or let any liquid into the cup to avoid electrical short circuit;7.Keep it clean before and after use, simply clean the TPE with soap and rinse off with running water.



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