Premium Shaving Kit Gift for Men(Mach 3 Cartridge Razor,Brush,Bowl,Stand) Branded Box

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Black Badger Brush /Steel +Black colour Handle Handcrafted, the Black Badger Shaving Brush is assembled using only the finest materials. The natural hairs are untreated showing special features such as the shimmering Black colour and black band running midway through the brushes hair Badger Hair: 49 mm OVERALL HEIGHT: 105mm HANDLE HEIGHT: 50mm WEIGHT: 120g Mach 3 razor Mach lll Razor Extra Comfort Grip (Cartridge Razor) has that old-world craftsmanship and quality. Consistent with Haryali ideology of superior-quality razors refined according to their upmarket aesthetic, this brand new Mach lll razor is equipped with a sleek, extra-comfort grip . The piece was designed in the spirit of functionality as well as style. Customers love the new handle shape because of its easy control while shaving, even when holding the blade at difficult angles. This is a razor you’ll enjoy using for long time. Shaving Stand Keep your razor out of harms way 100% Stainless Steel Rust free Aerates your brush naturally Compatible with most razor brush combinations Look great in bathroom. Attractive / stylish Haryali London (Brand) Shaving Brush and Razor Stand This cool, functional Shaving Stand will look good in any bathroom setting. A Shaving Stand ensures your shaving razor is safe and out of harms way and that your brush is naturally aerated. Aeration of the shaving brush is important and leads to longer brush life. Ensure your shaving Stand is compatible with your shaving razor and shaving brush. Dimensions – Will accommodate up to brush diameter 30mm – Heavy base for stability – Total height 130mm – Chrome – If your not 100% sure about your brush fitting the stand, please contact us. Shaving Stainless steel Bowl, Steel bowl Diameter 82 mm Steel bowl depth 38 mm Weight 57 g



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