Remove Warts, Skin Tags Naturally in 21-90 Days or Reduce Pimples in 24 Hours with New Skin Blemish Drops

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Blemish Remover: New Skin Blemish Drops can help to remove your unwanted skin blemishes, safely and naturally. Our natural formula can help to reduce your pimples within about 24 hours, prevent pimple scars from forming on your skin, and restore slightly damaged skin. You can safely treat warts, brown spots, skin tags, pigmentation, small scars, cherry angioma, sun blotches, sebaceous cysts, bug bites, small minor burns, pimples and many other skin blemishes with our New Skin Blemish Drops. Add our New Skin Oil to your treatment for quicker fading of pigmented blemishes and smoother skin, or for protection of your sensitive skin. New Skin Blemish Drops is safe to use on all skin colors and types, and does not bleach your skin or expose your skin to harsh chemicals. Our topical formula is safe to use on infants, teenagers and adults. You can use our formula on your face, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. Easy to use, just dab our New Skin Blemish Drops onto your facial or body skin blemishes to allow absorption for about 10-30 minutes daily. Your fresh skin blemishes should respond favorably to treatment within about 7-21 days, and your stubborn skin blemishes should respond within about 90 days of repeated applications; then continue treatment until results are satisfying. Our 100% natural 2 oz. New Skin Blemish Drops is made of botanical ingredients, giving you peace of mind while you treat your skin.



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