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Top 20 Best Portable Solar Panels In 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Allpowers

2. Eco-Worthy

3. Allpowers

1. Allpowers


2. Eco-Worthy


3. Allpowers


A solar generator can range in price from as little as $100 to as much as $4500 for the most expensive models. The pricing of these generators vary depending on their size, capacity, lifetime, construction, and other factors.


A solar panel equipped with the most up-to-date technologies decreases the amount of labor required by man while also providing free electricity without the use of any finite resources. Before purchasing a portable solar panel, it is important to consider a few factors.

You must be familiar with the many varieties, how they work, and every other important aspect concerning this gadget. If you’re going to spend money, you should spend it on the correct thing for you, according to your needs. The best portable solar panels for camping will be discussed in greater detail in the following article.

Workings of a Portable Solar Panel

You must know how a solar panel works to convert sunlight into electricity. Read the following steps:

1. The surface of a solar panel is divided into smaller cells. Every photovoltaic cell is made up of two thin silicon layers. When you keep the panel in sunlight, the light hits the photons on the panel and create an electric field between these two silicone layers.

2. After that, the electric field is channeled through thin metallic strips that are also called busbars.

3. Then, it is stored in a battery that is used to power an appliance. You can also send it to the local energy grid. It depends on the design of your solar system.

4. The portable solar panels are comparatively smaller and compact than the residential or commercial solar panels. It has additional features like foldable design, a kickstand, or a carrying case.

5. The portable models need a few additional devices to generate and store electricity. You have to connect your portable solar panel to a charge controller that helps in regulating the power output. You need to invest money in a battery and an inverter for converting the power output to use it with your appliance.

Components Of A Solar Panel

With a solar panel, you can collect solar-generated renewable energy from the sun and convert that energy into electricity. Aside from the standard components, the following additional components must be used in order to make a functional portable power system.

  • Which Is More Effective: A Charge Controller or a Solar Regulator?

An electronic device that is positioned between a solar panel and a battery to regulate solar energy is known as a solar regulator. It is a small box that incorporates solid-state electronics. When the amount of panel charge that flows into the battery bank reaches a certain level, it regulates it to prevent the batteries from overcharging. Besides that, it enables for direct connection to appliances while simultaneously charging the battery to maximize efficiency. Utilizing the battery bank while concurrently charging the batteries allows you to run your equipment directly off of the battery bank, which saves you both time and money by eliminating the need to recharge the batteries.

  • Battery

When operating a solar-powered generator, you must make an investment in a high-quality battery because the battery is frequently discharged and refilled, resulting in reduced battery life. In order to store adequate energy while being charged without depleting its charge capacity, your battery should be as efficient as possible. When utilized in conjunction with portable solar panels, a 12V battery is recommended.

  • Inverter

The battery is used to store electricity that is delivered as Direct Current (DC). When electricity is converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), it is known as an inverter. This type of electricity is utilized to power electrical equipment. Because a 12V battery may provide power to devices that require 120V of power, your inverter will modify the voltage and current of the current to ensure that your gadgets are powered. Using a 12V battery to power devices that require 120V of power is a good idea.

  • Aesthetically pleasing appliances for the great outdoors

Additionally, portable solar panels can be used as portable solar generators to power some small appliances that operate on 12V DC power, such as mini-fridges, stoves, slow cookers, coolers, and lights, and they can also be used to charge batteries. An inverter is not necessary if you can just power your small appliances with a battery, which eliminates the need to acquire one.

Types Of Solar Cells

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels are a type of solar panel that has a single crystal

These solar panels are more expensive than other types of solar panels when compared to their size. These panels, which have an efficiency of greater than 20%, are readily available. The solar cells are made of high-purity silicon, which ensures that they are more durable and perform better.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels are a type of solar panel that has several crystals.

The hue of these panels is blue, which makes them clearly distinguishable from other panels. The cells are created by fusing silicon fragments together in a furnace. When compared to monocrystalline panels, they are less energy efficient. It is available at a reasonable price.

  • Thin-film solar cells are a type of solar cell that is made of a thin layer of film that is deposited on a solar cell’s surface.

These panels are portable due to the fact that they are lightweight and can be folded or rolled with relative ease. It is simple to put in place on a sloped surface. It increases the viability of the technique in comparison to more solid monocrystalline panels.

Benefits Of Having A Portable Solar Panel

  • Entertainment

Camping and trekking are popular activities for many people who enjoy listening to music and checking the weather forecast. For these types of travelers, a portable solar panel is a fantastic option to consider. Radios and tiny television sets can be used with the electricity provided by this generator.

Its DC power jack makes it simple to connect it to a power source. Some small photovoltaic panels can assist you in the operation of cassette players, CD players, and MP3 players, among other things. The panel may also be used to recharge the batteries of your mobile phones, electric toys, laptops, and other electronic devices.

  • Outdoor Convenience

Because it is portable and easy to use, a portable solar panel can make your life more comfortable. You can use it in conjunction with a portable fan to blow insects away and obtain cool air.

To enjoy a hot beverage, you can bring electric heated mugs with you. In addition, you can use the solar panel to power a vacuum cleaner. If the appliance has a DC or USB input jack, a portable photovoltaic panel can be used to provide electricity to the device.

  • Communication

A large number of technological devices are utilized for communication purposes while camping and walking in the wilderness. Portable photovoltaics (PV) can be used to recharge mobile phones, GPS units, and laptop computers.

Even walkie-talkies can be powered by it because it has a large enough power supply. In some rural camping sites, you can also use a two-way radio to communicate with others.

  • Batteries

The portable photovoltaic panels are small and lightweight, yet they have the ability to charge large batteries. It has the capability of powering spotlights and electric lanterns.

Using a household rechargeable battery, you may offer electricity to any appliance that requires it. It is possible to charge a car battery and use it to power any 12V device. Batteries are far less expensive than solar-powered devices that use small panels.

  • Eco-Friendly

A solar-powered panel is favorable to the environment. It does not release toxic pollutants into the atmosphere and does not generate a lot of noise.

These are fully safe and silent devices, which are beneficial to both the environment and the people in your immediate vicinity. The primary reason for switching to this technology is that it is a renewable energy source that does not rely on finite resources for production.

  • Cost-Efficient

The portable solar panels capture energy from the sun and deliver it to the user as free electricity. The fact that there is no need to spend money on gasoline or diesel makes it a cost-effective option.

Simply install the portable solar panels in the sun and then use the energy they produce to power your home. Only one payment is required, and there is no need to purchase any extra equipment after that. It takes little maintenance, and as a result, you will save a significant amount of time and money.

  • Energy that is dependable

Solar panels operate on the energy provided by the sun, which is both consistent and safe to work with. If you compare it to a generator, you’ll notice that it requires fuel to generate energy, which is both limited and expensive. The portable solar panels provide the highest possible efficiency with the least amount of energy loss.

Buying Guide For Portable Solar Panel

1. Easy To Carry

Some portable solar panels are quite flexible and can be easily packed. If you want to move the panels, then you can easily pack it, take it anywhere and install it.

It is a must to have a solar panel kit that can be folded in a manageable size and stored in a storage bag. Many portable solar panels can be easily folded in a suitcase-sized box.

2. Size

Mostly, portable solar panels are used for charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or a rechargeable battery. You need a panel as well as a USB port for such tasks.

The solar panel must be small and compact. A lightweight, portable solar panel can be backpacked easily. You need a more extensive solar panel system to recharge a car battery.

3. Portable

A lightweight, portable solar panel weighs half a pound, and the larger one weighs up to 30 pounds. Most of the people prefer small and light solar panels for traveling.

4. Capacity and Wattage

Bigger solar panel costs more and takes up more storage space. It also takes a lot of care and maintenance. To check the wattage from a portable solar panel, you need to create a list of the things and wattage that you are going to charge.

Consider the largest wattages items and add the wattages for the multiple items that need to be recharged at the same time. If you got four items, then add their wattages and look for a charger with a slightly larger capacity than the number.

Top 20 Best Portable Solar Panels 2020

1. Allpowers 18V 5 Watts Portable Solar Panel

This is the ALLPOWERS portable solar panel, which is tiny and lightweight and can be carried about with you. You can use it to recharge the batteries of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, tractors, automobiles, snowmobiles, and so on.

The panel is constructed of sturdy ABS plastic and monocrystalline silicon solar cells, which are capable of charging electronics even when exposed to direct sunlight. It contains a built-in blocking diode that prevents the battery from being discharged in reverse.

It is simple to set up, and it will not require any maintenance for a long period of time. Take a look at the rest of its features in greater detail.


Battery Charger: This solar panel is equipped with an excellent battery charger. It has the ability to charge 12V batteries and generate 5 watts of energy when exposed to sunshine.

Panel Composed of Monocrystalline Silicone: The solar panel is made of monocrystalline silicon, which allows it to operate in all light circumstances. It is completely waterproof and long-lasting. It is also suitable for usage in the rain.

Uses: You can use this portable device to charge the batteries of automobiles, motorbikes, tractors, boats, and mobile phones, among other things.

Reverse Discharge Preventing Diode: A blocking diode has been integrated into this solar panel, which aids in the prevention of reverse discharge. It keeps the battery in good condition for a long period of time and also extends its useful life.

Package contents include a car battery charger, a clip line, suction cups, a cigarette lighter plug, an instruction booklet, and other miscellaneous items.

Garanty and customer service: The company provides a guarantee for 18 months and provides customer support around the clock on a 24/7 basis.


  • This solar panel is very lightweight, and one can carry it easily.
  • It works efficiently and provides enough power to charge big batteries.


  • The design is not that good.

2. Eco-Worthy 12V 10 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel

It is one of the best camping solar panels by ECO-WORTHY. This solar charger package includes 57 inches of cord, alligator clip adapter and cigarette lighter adapter with a cord of 22.8 inches, 4 PVC suckers, instruction manual, etc. Check out its other features in detail.


A 12V 10 watt solar car charger is included, which can be used to charge a variety of vehicles including motorbikes, autos, snowmobiles, tractors, and other similar vehicles.

Solar energy harvesting and electricity generation: This technology harvests solar energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. It helps to protect the environment while also saving energy.

Application: This solar panel is ideal for recharging the batteries of automobiles and trucks. This product can also be used at work, when traveling, or while camping, among other places.

Lightweight: This solar charger is small and lightweight, making it simple to set up. There is no need to perform any maintenance on the system. It is shockproof, rustproof, and dustproof, among other qualities.


  • It works as a USB solar charger for charging heavy batteries.


  • This device is a bit expensive.

3. Allpowers 18V 7.5W Portable Solar Panel

Using solar energy to charge the batteries of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, and other similar vehicles is the ideal option provided by ALLPOWERS Corporation. It aids in the maintenance of the battery during times of power scarcity and the extension of its useful life.

It is constructed of strong ABS plastic and solar cells, which allow it to charge electronics in any light condition. Reverse discharge is prevented by the integrated blocking diode. It is simple to set up and requires no maintenance at all after that. Read on to learn more about each feature in depth.


Battery Charger: With the help of solar energy, the device is capable of charging 12V batteries and generating a total of 7.5 watts of energy. The monocrystalline panel has a SunPower efficiency of 23.5 percent, which is excellent.

Works under any lighting circumstances: Due to its water resistance, the panel may be used under any lighting conditions.

Applications: This gadget is used to recharge the batteries of automobiles, motorbikes, tractors, boats, and other similar devices.

Blocking Diode: The battery’s built-in blocking diode prevents reverse discharge and extends the battery’s life.

Suction cups and a battery charger are included in the package, as well as an instruction booklet and a cigarette lighter connection.

Service guarantee: The organization offers a guarantee of 18 months in addition to providing unmatched customer service.


  • This device is easy to install and use.
  • It can also work in less bright light.


  • This device is not good enough to charge big batteries.

4. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel is a lightweight, portable, and weather-resistant solar panel that is made of polycarbonate material. It enables you to charge directly from the sun’s energy using USB or 12V devices and equipment. It is an incredible device with fascinating features that you should thoroughly investigate.


Direct Charging: The solar panel allows you to charge USB and 12V devices straight from the solar panel. It is simple to charge USB gadgets such as cell phones, tablets, GPS, MP3 players, and other similar devices.

Power: Solar power can be harvested from a natural source, such as the sun, for a total of 7 watts.

Construction: The solar panel has a robust design that allows it to be folded up simply for storage. It is completely weather-resistant, which means that it may be used in any type of weather conditions without issue.

Charging several devices at the same time: The USB and 12V connections can both be used at the same time. You can charge several gadgets at the same time since it divides solar electricity and sends it to two ports at the same time.


  • It is a great solar panel at a reasonable price.
  • It provides excellent power backup.


  • It does not work efficiently.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

  • The Nomad 7 will directly charge most USB and 12V devices (not tablets). Most handheld USB devices,…
  • Collect 7 watts of solar power from the sun

5. Eco-Worthy 120W 12V Off-Grid Monocrystalline Portable & Foldable Solar Panel

It is one of the most effective monocrystalline solar panels available on the market. It’s simple to fold and take with you wherever you go. It is small and lightweight, making it simple to transport. It comes with a suitcase style that makes it easy to pack. It is simple to set up and immediately begin generating electricity from solar energy sources.


Simple to Set Up: This device is both a ready-to-use plug and a portable solar panel, making it simple to set up. You can effortlessly unfold it and position its surface so that it faces directly toward the sun.

Charge Controller: It comes with a charge controller that has been pre-installed and is ready to charge 12V devices.

Applicability: This solar panel is ideal for hiking, camping, caravanning, RVing, boating, and solar pump irrigation systems, among other activities.

It has the ability to quickly generate electrical energy, which allows you to charge any 12V DC gadgets with the portable camping solar panel.

A 120W foldable mono solar panel kit, consisting of two 60W mono solar panels, one 15A pre-installed charge controller, one pair of pre-installed 10ft solar cables, one pair of 30A alligator clips, and one set of adjustable aluminum stand, handle, and latches are included in the solar panel kit’s packaging.


  • This solar panel is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • You can easily fold it as a suitcase and use it anywhere.


  • More improvements are required in this solar panel.

6. Allpowers Solar Panel 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Charger

In addition to being lightweight, the finest camping solar panel is also simple to store and install in a variety of locations. It is a flexible panel that has 32 SunPower solar cells, each of which has an efficiency of up to 23.5 percent and collects more sunlight.

With a maxim

In addition to being lightweight, the finest camping solar panel is also simple to store and install in a variety of locations. It is a flexible panel that has 32 SunPower solar cells, each of which has an efficiency of up to 23.5 percent and collects more sunlight.

With a maximum arc of 30 degrees in curvature, it may be placed on any irregular surface with no problem at all. Examine the product’s additional characteristics in depth.

um arc of 30 degrees in curvature, it may be placed on any irregular surface with no problem at all. Examine the product’s additional characteristics in depth.


SunPower Solar Cell: This is a monocrystalline solar panel with outstanding power efficiency that was developed by SunPower. The sunlight is collected by 32 SunPower solar cells.

Efficacy and durability: The solar panel is water resistant, semi-flexible, and comparatively more enduring than glass or aluminum models are.

Flexible: The plastic solar sheet may be smoothly curved up to a maximum arc of 30 degrees and can be put on any irregular surface without losing its effectiveness.

Lightweight: This solar charger has a power output of 100 watts. It is extremely lightweight, weighing only 4.7 lbs, and is therefore simple to travel, hang, and install.

Design: It features a one-of-a-kind frameless design, as well as four metal reinforced mounting holes that are simple to install.

Warranty: The company offers an 18-month warranty on all of its products, as well as exceptional customer service.


  • This solar panel is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is bent at an arc of 30 degrees, which can be mounted on any irregular surface.


  • The solar panel is a bit expensive.

7. Ryno-Tuff 21W Portable & Foldable Solar Panel For Camping

It is one of the efficient and the best portable solar panels for camping. It can convert solar energy of 21 watts into electricity. One can charge cellphones, power banks, tabs, and 5V USB loads quickly. You can use it while camping, hiking, or any place with insufficient power. Go through its features in detail.


A high level of efficiency is achieved by the SunPower X-Series solar cells, which can collect 21W of solar energy and charge mobile phones and tablets in as little as 2 hours. It is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, tablets, power banks, and other USB-based electronic devices. It is available in black and silver.

Compact: This solar panel is compact and lightweight, and it can be folded into a small space. It has a maximum extension of 11.8 inches broad by 18.1 inches high and weighs less than 1 pound. If you are not using it, you can fold it down to a small size of 5.9 x 11.8 inches, which makes it easy to transport and store.

Maximum Power: Its three panels are capable of generating 21 watts of electricity.

iSolar Technology: It has the ability to charge two devices at the same time thanks to a charging algorithm that distributes electricity effectively. When the battery is fully charged or when the machine becomes too hot, the charging will automatically cease. It provides 2.4A in each port and a maximum of 3A when both ports are in use. It has two USB connections.

Designed to be weather resistant and durable, it is constructed of 600D waterproof PVC canvas material for maximum durability. When backpacking, hiking, or touring, it keeps the solar panel safe and secure. The two carabiners make it simple to attach your backpack or tent to your vehicle.

Warranty: The company offers a warranty that is valid for life. If your solar panel USB fails, you will be able to get a replacement for nothing.


  • It can completely charge the iPod in just 50 minutes.
  • This solar panel comes at a reasonable price.


  • The design of the solar panel is not that good.

8. Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel

The solar panel is compatible with all types of devices. It includes connectors of different sizes, an 8mm DC adapter, a 5.5 x 2.1mm DC adapter, and 3.5 x 1.35mm DC adapter, etc. It works great in every weather condition. Go through all the features in detail.


Applicability: This gadget is capable of charging smartphones and tablets, GPS devices, digital cameras, and other electronic devices.

Smart Charging Technology (USB Type-C): This charger has a built-in smart IC chip that can intelligently recognise your device and enhance the charging speed accordingly. It safeguards your devices from being overcharged while in use.

Charging Current: USB ports have a charging current of up to 2.4A and a maximum voltage of 5V DC per port, respectively. It has the capability of being automatically altered in response to the amount of sunshine.

A high efficiency solar array is used in the construction of the solar panel, which can convert up to 21.5-23.5 percent of solar energy into electrical electricity.

Water-resistant and long-lasting: This device is constructed of long-lasting Oxford cloth, which makes it water-resistant and able to handle all weather situations.. Camping, climbing, hiking, and picnics, among other outdoor activities, are made possible by the panel.

Simple to Fold: It has a foldable design that makes it handy to transport. After folding, the device’s dimensions are reduced to 20.5 x 14.2 x 2.6 inches, making it a more compact device.


  • The solar panel can charge the devices quickly.
  • The design of the solar charger is impressive.


  • The solar panel is not up to mark.
  • The price of the device is a bit expensive.

9. Renogy 100W 12V Extremely Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Renogy has created one of the best portable solar panels for RVs on the market. It is a 100 watt 12 volt flexible monocrystalline solar panel that is designed to efficiently convert solar energy to electric energy.

It is ideal for marine applications and may be mounted on the roof of a truck or other vehicle. It is thin and lightweight, and it has the ability to bend up to 248 degrees. The installation of this product is simple, even on curved surfaces. Examine the rest of its characteristics in greater depth.


This solar panel is exceptionally lightweight, thanks to the thin sheet of solar cells that makes up the panel.

It is made of polymer components, which allow it to weigh 70% less than other conventional solar panels on the market. It is lightweight and portable, and it is simple to set up.

Flexible: The panel can be bent in an arc of up to 248 degrees, allowing it to be placed on a variety of surfaces, including RVs, boats, and rooftops.

Sturdy construction: This solar panel is built to endure strong wind pressures of up to 2400 Pa, as well as snow pressures up to 5400 Pa.


  • This device is easy to install.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • The price of the solar panel is a bit expensive.

10. Jackery SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel

You can connect this portable solar panel to capture solar energy and charge your smartphones and tabs. It is a portable power station that provides efficient power backup. Read its other features.


High Conversion Efficiency: This solar panel has a conversion efficiency of up to 23 percent, which is excellent. It is appropriate for use while traveling or in areas where there may be unexpected power interruptions.

It has a folding design, as well as a TPE rubber grip, which makes it extremely portable. It is lightweight and portable, making it incredibly convenient to use. The kickstand must be used to change the angle of the camera.

A USB-C output port and a USB-A output port are provided on the solar panel for connecting to a computer. It has the capability of charging numerous tiny gadgets at the same time, such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and so on.

The solar charger is supplied with a 60W solar panel as well as a 3M extension cord as standard equipment.


  • It is perfect for installing in small places.


  • The solar panel is not waterproof.

11. Renogy 200 Watt Off-Grid Portable Foldable Solar Panel

This series of Renogy has premium Eclipse panels to charge your portable appliances efficiently. The leg adjustments help in tightening, loosening, and angling your suitcase panel. The voyager controller is included in it to monitor everything in the system via the LCD screen. Go through all of its features in detail.


Solar Panel: The solar panel is made up of two Eclipse Solar panels, each rated at 100 Watts. It provides great performance, even in low-light conditions, according to the manufacturer.

It is possible to adjust the solar panel’s corrosion-resistant aluminum stand in order to maximize the amount of sunlight that it captures.

A 20A solar charge controller helps to safeguard the panel from overcharging and decreases the chance of a fire occurring when there is an overcharge.

Sensors: The solar panel has a temperature sensor as well as a battery voltage sensor, which you can easily monitor.


  • The solar panel is easy to fold and pack.
  • There is no noise at the time of use.
  • The solar cells are of good quality, which makes it durable.


  • The solar panel cannot charge big batteries.

12. Go Power! GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Panel

When it comes to charging your batteries, it is a versatile and practical option. The charging connectors on the charging accessory can be swapped out for a different one.

There are numerous battery charging options available with this portable solar panel. It is equipped with a 10A charge controller, which allows for smoother and faster battery charging. Take a look at its extensive list of features in greater detail.


Easy to Set Up: Installing the solar panel is a straightforward and quick process that takes little time.

In-built 10A solar controller aids in the management and conversion of solar energy into power, as well as the ability to charge batteries using solar energy.

Warranty: The firm offers a 25-year warranty on its products.

Transport Case: This panel comes with a transport case that can be folded and packed in order to be transported wherever you need to go quickly and effortlessly.


  • The design of the solar panel is impressive.
  • The solar panel is sturdy and can be adjusted easily.


  • This device does not work in low light conditions.


13. Suaoki Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel

It is one of the best portable solar panels with a 60W solar charger. It is a foldable, portable, noise-free, waterproof, and stylish solar panel which helps you with power backup.

Smart TIR-C technology allows the solar panel to charge quickly and safely. Consider its features before buying a solar panel for yourself.


High Power Supply: It is a terrific device that delivers a high power supply and is capable of charging huge batteries quickly and efficiently.

Suitability: It is possible to charge gadgets such as cellphones and tablets, GPS units, digital cameras, and so on. It is ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside and for those who experience unexpected power interruptions.

Charger with Improved Charging Technology: The solar panel charger can create 60W of output power while maintaining up to 20% efficiency in the conversion process. It has the capability of charging two gadgets at the same time.

TIR-C Technology: This foldable solar panel is built with a smart IC for the USB connection, which allows it to function as a charging station. It has the ability to boost charging speed while also protecting your gadgets from overcharging. You can keep track of how much current is being drawn from USB ports.

To fold the panel like a suitcase, simply unfold it and fold it in half. It is lightweight and portable, and it can be put on an RV, tent, or other structure to receive fast charging from sunshine.

The following components are included with this device: a 60-watt solar panel, a car charger, a 10-in-1 connection cable, a storage battery, two DC-to-DC cables, and a DC-to-SAE cable.

With exceptional customer service, the company offers a guarantee of 24 months in addition to its competitive pricing.


  • The solar panel is lightweight but high in performance.


  • You cannot charge a laptop directly.

14. Dokio 220 Watts 12V Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel

It is a 220W monocrystalline solar suitcase by DOKIO with 20A controller. It is compatible with 12V and 24V systems. It is a portable solar panel that can charge your batteries anytime and anywhere with intense sunlight.


Portable: The solar panel is composed of a heavy-duty cloth that can be folded and transported wherever you go. It comes with a carrying handle, which makes it more portable and easy to transport than other options.

Applicability: This solar panel is great for a variety of activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnics, and charging your car battery.

Small and lightweight: This solar panel is small and lightweight. It is lightweight and portable, and it can be hung almost anyplace.

High Conversion Efficiency: This solar panel is equipped with monocrystalline solar cells that are extremely efficient. If you compare it to other models, the tiny panel has a higher power efficiency rating. It boosts the output of the system by reducing mismatch losses.


  • This solar panel is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • This solar panel is a bit expensive.

15. Dokio 80W 12V/18V Foldable Solar Panel Kit

It is another monocrystalline solar panel of 80W by DOKIO with a 10A Controller. One can fold it like a suitcase. It is a perfect portable solar system that can efficiently charge batteries with strong sunlight. Go through its other features in detail.


PWM Controller: The solar controller comes with three different types of cables: a USB cable, an alligator clip, and a DIY cable, among others.

Foldable and portable: The solar panel is lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport. It is great for RVing, camping, trekking, and charging automobile batteries, among other things.

Compact and lightweight: Because this solar panel is small and lightweight, it is easier to move.

High Conversion Efficiency: The conversion efficiency of this monocrystalline solar cell is extremely great, resulting in high power efficiency. It boosts the output of the system by reducing mismatch loss.


  • The solar panel comes at a low price.


  • The wattage is overrated.

16. Acopower 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit

This 100W solar panel is weatherproof as well as waterproof. It can efficiently convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It can charge large batteries and provides higher power efficiency. Go through its other features in detail.


There are three options for batteries and generators: a charge controller with a 12V battery, two MC4 connectors, three 12V RV batteries, and solar generators are all included.

Portable: The solar panels with a capacity of 50 watts are attached in pairs to make the system more portable. It is lightweight and portable, and it can be kept almost anywhere.

Strong frame and waterproof construction: The solar panel is manufactured with a waterproof membrane and a solid frame. It is resistant to rain and generates electricity in a cost-effective manner.

Setting it up is simple and quick because it comes with a stand that has been pre-installed.


  • This solar panel works great.
  • The frame of the solar charger is solid.


  • This solar panel is not good enough.

17. Dokio 100W 12V Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel

It is one of the best portable solar panels and is easy to fold. It is a 100 watt 12 Volt monocrystalline solar controller, which is sleek in size and provides high power. Go through its variety of features in detail.


Performance: By connecting the alligator clips to the solar panel, this solar panel gives great performance even in low light settings.

A corrosion-resistant aluminum bracket is included with the solar controller, which allows for easy adjustment. It is equipped with a durable handle and clasp to help it last longer.

High Conversion Efficiency: The device has a high conversion efficiency of 100 watts and can charge batteries ranging in voltage from 12V to 24V.


  • This device is cost-effective and well built.
  • It is excellent for camping and trekking purposes.


  • The design is not that impressive.

18. Ryno Tuff 21W Dual USB Solar Panel with Built-In Battery Power Bank

The solar panel comes with powerful solar cells that can convert 21 watts of solar energy into electricity at a 22% to 25% conversion rate. You can charge cellphones, power banks, tabs, and 5V USB loads. It is suitable for camping, hiking, or places without sufficient power.

There is an integrated power bank with 6000Mah internal power to charge your device without sunlight. Go through its other features in detail.


Convenient and tough: This solar panel is water-resistant and corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. It has the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures and is sturdy enough to be used while camping. The power bank and output ports are completely concealed by a protective fabric that may be used to store your gadgets while they are charging.

Lightweight and transportable: The solar charger can be folded down to a minimum of 6 x 12 inches and weighs next to nothing! You may take this device camping, trekking, or anywhere else where there isn’t enough electricity. It is equipped with carabiner hooks and loops, allowing you to hang it and use it as a backpack when traveling.

Long-Lasting: It is constructed with materials that are designed to last for an extended period of time.

Warranty: This solar panel is covered by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. If you have any problems with your portable solar charger, you can return it to us for a replacement at no cost.


  • This product is worth its cost.


  • The solar panel is comparatively heavy.

19. Grucore 50W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

It is a fantastic foldable and portable solar panel with a charging speed of up to 2.4A per port. It provides better charging efficiency by charging multiple USB ports simultaneously. There are numerous features that you must read in detail.


USB Smart Charging Technology: This technology allows you to charge numerous USB devices at the same time, such as mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, digital cameras, and so on.

Fold Like a Briefcase: This solar panel can be folded to the size of a briefcase. It is lightweight and portable, and it can be mounted on RVs, tents, and other similar structures to receive fast charging from sunshine.

It is water-resistant and robust, and it can be used in any weather circumstances. It is made of durable Oxford cloth, which is water-resistant and can withstand the elements. This device is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, hiking, picnicking, and other similar activities. However, the junction box is not waterproof, and you must ensure that it is kept dry at all times.

Components: This Grucore 50W solar panel includes an 8mm adapter, a 3.5/1.35mm converter, and a 5.5/2.5mm adapter, in addition to the included adapters.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty as well as customer care that is available around the clock.


  • It is a simple solar panel at an affordable price.


  • The company provides a warranty for one year.

20. TP-solar Foldable 28W 5V 2A Portable Solar Panel

This 28W solar charger is one of the best portable solar panels with dual USB ports. It is designed for people going for trekking, camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, etc.

The device is compatible with many USB rechargeable devices. Go through its other features in detail.


Compatibility: This solar panel is appropriate for digital equipment that require a 5V DC input. It can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and power banks, among other things.

Conception: It is a lightweight, flexible monocrystalline solar panel that is equipped with extremely efficient SunPower solar cells that can convert as much as 22 to 25 percent of solar energy into electricity.

Smart Charging: It contains a built-in 5V USB connector as well as a QC 3.0 5V/9V/12V port for offering a quick charging port for smartphones and tablets. It is capable of automatically recognizing your devices and providing the correct charging current input while also increasing the charging speed.

Portable and Lightweight: The solar panel is portable and lightweight, making it simple to fold and transport. When collapsed, the solar panel weighs only 1.2 pounds and has folded proportions of 6.1 by 11 by 0.6 inches, making it convenient to transport in a camping backpack.

Convenient: This solar panel can be used while traveling, camping, trekking, cycling, playing sports, and participating in other outdoor activities.

Long-Lasting: It is constructed from high-quality materials that ensure long-term performance. It is made of a water-resistant fabric called Oxford cloth. It has the ability to withstand all types of weather situations.


  • You can buy an efficient solar panel at an affordable price.
  • It can charge compatible devices quickly.


  • The design of the solar panel is not that impressive.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Direct Sunlight Necessary for Solar Chargers?

The solar panel needs daylight and not sunlight. Indeed, direct sunlight is best to get high power because exposure of more sunlight charges your battery quickly.

2. Is it Possible to Generate Electricity by Solar Energy on Cloudy Days?

Solar panels can produce electricity on cloudy days. It will not produce as much electricity comparatively on sunny days, but can produce approximately 10% of electric energy when the sky is very opaque.

3. What can a Portable Solar Panels Charge?

Many devices are compatible with solar panels and are easy to charge, like laptops, cell phones, portable music players, car batteries, etc. It can also provide electricity to an RV, camp, heat water in remote areas, etc.

Best Portable Solar Panels – Your pick?

However, finding the best portable solar panels in the market can be difficult due to the large number of options available to consumers. A sensible decision should be made because it is a one-time investment. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as traveling, trekking, camping, and other similar pursuits, then investing in a solar panel is a must.

Before purchasing a solar charger, it is important to think about your needs and your budget. Water-resistant and weather-resistant properties, as well as portability and dependability make it an excellent choice for outdoor use. It is possible to obtain power from a natural source.

If you are going on an expedition, you should invest in solar energy and use it to charge your mobile phones, laptops, car batteries, and other electronic devices. Choose the best solar panels for camping from the list of the best solar panels for camping that meets your needs the most carefully.