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Best Solar Charger For Backpacking & Hiking In 2021


1. Anker

Anker Best Solar Charger For Backpacking


2. RavPower

RavPower 21W Solar Panel

3. Nekteck

Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel


Backpacking has always been a fantastic opportunity to be adventurous, but it does come with the drawback of having to give up your electronic devices for the duration of your trip. The good news is that there are now portable solar-powered devices that allow for clean energy generation while on the go.

They are small and lightweight, making them easy to transport when the urge to go on an adventure strikes your heart. Take part in our search for the best solar charger for backpacking if, like us, you are fed up with not being able to charge your phone when you are in the middle of nowhere.

We’ll provide you with all of the relevant information you need to determine which backpacking solar charger is the best. Once you’ve gone through the necessary explanations and looked over the best solar chargers we could find, you’ll know everything there is to know.

From there, you’ll be a lot closer to being able to take advantage of the modern conveniences while on your expeditions.


Factors To Consider Before Buying A Solar Charger for Backpacking

When looking for the best solar charger for backpacking, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind. In order to achieve the best possible performance, you must consider the following factors:

1. Solar Panel Size

When purchasing a solar charger, one of the most important factors to consider is the size of the solar panel you intend to use. As a result, the amount of space available for photovoltaic cells will be determined.

A larger solar panel will be able to generate a greater amount of energy than a smaller panel. Foldable backpacks are ideal for backpacking because they save you space and are easy to carry around.

2. Energy Transformation Rate

This quantity is expressed as a percentage of the total amount of solar energy that is available and converted into electricity by the solar-powered generator. The result is that a larger-sized panel with a higher transformation rate generates more power than a smaller-sized panel with a lower transformation rate.

In this case, it reflects the efficiency of the solar panel, and choosing a higher performance allows you to save some space when you’re backpacking.

3. Energy Output

In order to properly charge a battery, it is critical to understand that different devices require different amounts of energy input. Depending on the amount of electricity available to the user under optimal conditions, the amount of time it will take to fully charge the battery will be determined.

If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, The energy output will be distributed among the charging devices as a result of this arrangement.

4. Compatibility

The majority of solar chargers are not compatible with all devices. If you don’t take precautions, conflicting charging protocols could cause damage to your battery. Before connecting an incompatible power storage unit, make a list of the devices that are supported to avoid putting your battery at risk.

Similarly, features such as fast charging are only available to certain devices when operating under optimal conditions.

5. What’s The Best Solar Charger For Backpacking?

In terms of quality, only a few chargers can claim to be the best in their respective categories. These solar panels are the most efficient and effective method of harnessing the energy of the sun available today.

We looked for solar panels with a wide range of applications in mind, such as the best solar charger for backpacking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Top 12 Best Solar Chargers for Backpacking/ Hiking 2020

1. Anker 21W Solar Charger

Anker Best Solar Charger For Backpacking

This solar charger is a high-end piece of equipment. Under ideal conditions, it demonstrated that it possesses the characteristics necessary to be considered the best solar charger for backpacking.

When it comes to charging your devices with free clean energy, this charger exemplifies the best of what it means to harness the power of nature. Because of its compact foldable design, it is a great way to save space when you are traveling through the wilderness.

The folded solar panel takes up about the same amount of space as an old laptop in a backpack. The device itself is small enough to be folded up and stowed in your backpack, allowing you to charge your devices while you’re walking from one location to another.

Every corner of the solar panel is equipped with an elastic loop, which allows you to attach it to your backpack. With the help of these elastic loops, you can hang the solar panel from a tree branch, a tent pole, or other similar structures.

If you decide to take a break, all you have to do is position the solar panel in an area that receives sufficient direct sunlight. It is made of high-quality materials, but it is on the more expensive side of the spectrum. However, we believe that it is completely worth the money in the long run.


  • Fast Charging technology
  • Lightweight
  • Well made


  • It’s rather pricey
  • Only includes 2 USB ports


2. RavPower 21W Solar Panel

RavPower 21W Solar Panel

At a mid-range price, this is a more affordable option for charging your phone while backpacking than the previous option. It earned a spot on this list due to its faultless performance, which we recognized. One of our top picks for the title of best solar charger for backpacking is the iPower Solar Charger.

One of the advantages of this solar charger is that it has three USB ports, each of which is equipped with smart delivery technology. This translates into a more efficient and secure method of charging your devices. It accomplishes this by determining the optimal energy input for your battery and sending an output in accordance with that determination.

It can deliver up to 2.1 amps on each individual port, but only 4.8 amps overall. It’s an improvement over the norm, but it’s still a minor annoyance. On the plus side, this solar charger is equipped with a smart system that distributes the energy input evenly among all of the devices to which it is connected.

It’s foldable, compact, and lightweight, making it simple to transport and set up during the setup process. Adding something like this to any outdoor activity would be fantastic. Perhaps the best solar charger for camping is also the most affordable.


  • Great price/value ratio
  • iSmart+ technology built-in
  • 3 USB ports


  • It’s a little big for a backpack


3. Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel

Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel

As one of the most affordable options among our selections, this is a good option to consider. The fact that this solar panel is so inexpensive does not diminish its effectiveness or dependability as a means of charging your phone when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.

With the addition of a power storage device, such as a power bank, you will never have to give up your phone while hiking or backpacking in the great outdoors.

However, it does have some limitations, such as the limited number of USB ports available and the low maximum output current. The solar panel can only produce enough energy to charge the equivalent of one and a half smartphones at the same time.

Leaving that aside, this solar charger is still extremely effective and long-lasting. It is engineered to match the optimal energy input of your phone, resulting in more efficient charging of your device overall. Additionally, it is waterproof, allowing it to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The solar charger turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We would have expected much less from a product at that price point than what this charger had to offer. We were overjoyed to discover such a fantastic deal. It is a product that we would definitely purchase again.


  • Great price
  • Smart Charging technology
  • Waterproof design


  • Low output capacity
  • Only 2 charging ports


4. BigBlue 28W Solar Charger

BigBlue 28W Solar Charger

Another excellent alternative available at an unexpectedly low cost. Despite its low price, this solar charger is a strong contender for the title of best solar charger for backpacking. It possesses all of the characteristics of a good solar charger, including being lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

As a result of its protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, it is a risk-free method of charging your phone. The charger is compatible with a wide range of devices; Apple and Android models, which are the most popular, are fully compatible with the charger.

To be certain, check to see if this solar panel is compatible with the charging protocol of your smartphone before purchasing it. This solar panel has a respectable energy conversion rate, which lends credibility to its overall efficiency. A phone’s battery can be fully recharged in a matter of hours when using this device, according to the manufacturer.

Even less time is required to fully charge the battery of a medium-format DSLR camera. The performance of this solar charger far exceeded our expectations, especially considering the price range.

The fact that it has a relatively low maximum energy output is something we can all agree on. Despite the fact that it is barely enough to charge two devices at the same time, it still delivers impressive results considering its low price.


  • Good price/value ratio
  • Impressive amount of compatible devices
  • Fast Charging


  • Not waterproof


5. Foxelli Triple USB Solar Charger

Foxelli Triple USB Solar Charger

It is yet another of the more affordable alternatives among our shortlisted candidates for the best solar charger for backpacking position. We were impressed enough with it to declare it to be our definitive pick for the best solar charger for camping on a tight budget.

It is intended to be foldable and lightweight in order to save space. Following its attachment to your backpack, you won’t even notice that it’s there at all! In fact, if your tent has windows, you can leave your phone inside the tent to charge while you’re away.

An adventure does not have to entail giving up your prized possessions, such as your electronic devices. With this solar charger, you’ll get an exceptional energy conversion rate, which will allow you to charge your batteries in no time at all. This will make an excellent addition to your survivalist’s kit, whether you’re going hiking or backpacking.

Unfortunately, the performance of this solar charger is too heavily influenced by the presence of optimal environmental conditions to be considered reliable. It’s possible that this panel’s sensitivity to light is on the lower end of the spectrum. Nonetheless, when used in the proper circumstances, such as when it is properly positioned under direct sunlight, it is fantastic.


  • 3 USB ports
  • Water resistant
  • Fast cCharging included


  • It’s hard to generate the optimal output
  • Distributes power unevenly between multiple devices


6. Choetech 19W Solar Phone Charger

Choetech 19W Solar Phone ChargerThis item from the CHOETECH team is a fantastic example of the features that one should expect from the best solar chargers available on the market. It’s highly efficient, small, and lightweight, which are all characteristics you want in a solar charger for backpacking. As a mini miracle worker, this is one of the most promising alternatives available on the market right now.

This charger is priced in the middle of the pack, which is a comfortable position for most people. It is neither inexpensive nor prohibitively expensive. When it came to the materials used to construct this piece of equipment, the manufacturer did not cut any corners.

Because of its compact and adaptable design, this solar panel is easier to attach to your backpack when you’re going on an outdoor adventure or hiking. When you’re on the road, it’s a great way to generate energy while traveling. The fact that this is an excellent candidate for the title of best solar charger for hiking is demonstrated by this.

The fact that this solar charger is compatible with a wide range of devices is a plus. It generates a 5V output that is compatible with the vast majority of charging protocols on the market today. Despite the fact that the energy conversion rate could be higher, it is still a viable option for charging your devices while outdoors.


  • Fast Charging
  • Great compatibility
  • Fair value to price proportion


  • Only 2 USB ports
  • Low maximum output


7. Be-Charming Solar Power Bank

Be-Charming Solar Power Bank

It is possible to harness the energy of the sun and store it in a separate power storage unit with this item. Thus, you will be able to easily utilize the collected power in any situation, making it a more reliable option. It is an intelligent method of securing the generated energy and allowing it to be used whenever it is needed.

Although the power storage unit can be connected to the solar panel, it will still provide an optimal charging output, allowing you to charge your phone safely and quickly. As you can see, the best solar panels for backpacking deliver the kind of performance you’d expect.

It’s important to remember that the battery that comes with the device has a significant amount of storage capacity.

It has enough power to fully charge approximately 4-5 phones when fully charged when the battery is fully charged. It may take some time to collect that amount of energy, but that is a trade-off for relying on the sun’s energy in the first place.

A built-in LED light is also included with the battery in case of an emergency. By not bringing a flashlight, you can free up some space in your backpack, which is greatly appreciated by the other participants.


  • Includes power storage unit
  • Flashlight for emergencies
  • Great energy conversion rate


  • Only 2 USB
  • Takes a while to recharge power storage unit


8. Suntactics S5 Ultralight Charger

Suntactics S5 Ultralight Charger

It’s a fantastic alternative that’s made in the United States and adheres to a high level of production quality. Although the price of this solar charger is on the higher end of the spectrum, its performance more than justifies the higher price tag.

The design took a slightly different approach, and we were pleasantly surprised by how portable it was. When folded, it takes up about the same amount of space as a journal in a backpack.

The performance of this small solar panel is exceptional considering its size. The battery of an iPhone can be fully recharged in as little as two hours when exposed to direct sunlight. That is a feat that can only be accomplished by larger solar panels under the same conditions.

The power output is a standard 5V USB connection, which means that this charger is compatible with virtually any USB device currently on the market today. Various environmental factors, such as dust, rain, and humidity, are taken into consideration when designing the internal circuitry.

Considering its small size, it proved to be remarkably durable when subjected to rigorous field testing. It is not for everyone’s budget, but it is still a fantastic deal simply because of its portability.

Overall, we believe that it is neither too cheap nor too expensive, but rather a reasonable price.


  • Extreme portability
  • Great USB compatibility
  • Weather-proof


  • It’s on the expensive side
  • Only 2 USB ports


9. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

When you’re backpacking, you’ll appreciate having another compact and lightweight option for charging your phone. The Nomad 7 is a solar charger that performs flawlessly while not taking up too much space in your backpack or backpack bagge. We believe it is the best compact mid-range solar panel currently available in the market in 2020.

Instead of being attached to your backpack like other ultra-portable charging devices, this solar panel can be used to charge your battery while you are walking. It’s a welcome addition because, if you’re carrying a large backpack, it virtually eliminates the need to carry any additional weight.

Even when fully unfolded, the lightweight and straightforward design makes for easier transportation. It has an interesting set of outputs that come in very handy when you’re out camping with your family.

Due to its compatibility with both 5V USB and 12V connections, a wider range of chargeable items can be charged with it. Using this small solar panel, you can recharge your camera, smartphone, GPS, and other electronic devices.

Although the price is a little higher than the average, it is a wise investment due to the practical design and overall performance. It’s only fair that it doesn’t offer the higher conversion rate of more expensive items at that price, given the circumstances. Nonetheless, it is a wise investment.


  • Compatible with every device
  • Very portable
  • Great price


  • Energy conversion rate is rather low


10. Eceen 10W Solar Charger Panel

Eceen 10W Solar Charger Panel

This is the most effective solar charger for those on a tight budget. It is well-designed and functional in order to provide a user-friendly experience. Even at such a low price, it is still a sturdy piece of well-built equipment that is not overpriced in any way, shape, or form.

If you’re setting up a camp, you can place it over your tent to capture the energy that is generated by the campfire. If all you’re looking for is a convenient tool to quickly charge your phone while hiking, this might be the best option for you.

When you’re going to be walking around for hours with a heavy backpack, you’ll want to save as much space as you can to make the journey as comfortable as possible. That is made possible by the fact that it has a sleek and compact foldable design that fits comfortably into almost any of the pockets on your backpack.

When two devices are being charged at the same time, the energy is not distributed evenly between them as a result. Consequently, under optimal conditions, one of the phones will charge as quickly as it should, while the other will fail to do so. Not every device will receive the optimal amount of energy, which will cause the charging process to be delayed.


  • Lowest price
  • Highly portable
  • Great compatibility


  • Low energy output
  • Doesn’t distribute power evenly between devices


11. Ryno-Tuff 21W Portable Solar Charger

Ryno-Tuff 21W Portable Solar Charger

At a reasonable price, this solar charger offers the highest rate of energy conversion at the lowest possible cost. The power cells that were used in the construction of these panels are among the best available on the market. This device deserves a chance to be considered the best solar charger for backpacking on a budget for all of the reasons stated above.

There are two USB ports available to the user, both of which are equipped with smart technology that matches the optimal energy input of your device. A common feature among higher-end products, but something that is difficult to come by in a more affordable price range.

This is one of the most practical items on this list, and it has the potential to save your life if you find yourself in an emergency situation. It is dependable and durable, and it is fully capable of withstanding adverse climatic conditions.

As a result of all of the factors listed above, we believe this is an excellent addition to our list of the 12 best solar chargers for backpacking in 2020.

It’s a wise investment, however, because it’s something you can rely on in any situation, including an emergency. You can rely on it to charge virtually any 5V USB-compatible device in a short period of time.


  • Great energy conversion rate
  • Smart energy deliver technology
  • Low price


  • Only 2 USB ports
  • Alittle bulky


12. Choetech 14W Solar Charger

Choetech 14W Solar Charger

It’s yet another contender from the CHOETECH’s team of designers and engineers. Their high-quality products never cease to astound and impress us. This charger stands out from the rest of the products on this list because of its high energy conversion rate and reasonable price.

Solar panels of a reasonable size are included in the design to capture the energy from the sun. In conjunction with such a high rate of energy conversion, this allows for a significant increase in the total amount of energy available to the user.

Although it increases the overall size of the solar charger, it compensates for this by providing a significant amount of additional energy.

It is surprising that it is able to withstand such harsh environmental conditions for the price that it is. It’s waterproof and durable, so you can use it in any weather condition without fear of damage. You won’t have to worry about anything else if there’s enough sunlight to go around.

The lack of a second USB port, which would allow multiple devices to be charged at the same time, is the most significant drawback. It’s not a deal breaker, but we’d prefer to have more connections available to us in general.

Overall, it’s a good deal because the performance is superior to that of the majority of other items in the same price range.


  • Great price
  • Waterproof
  • Fast Charging


  • Only 1 USB port
  • Unfolded is rather big for a backpack


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do solar power chargers really work?

When it comes to generating electricity, solar panels rely on the energy of the sun for assistance. It has enough energy to charge one or two devices when exposed to direct sunlight, but it will take some time.. It is primarily determined by the size of the generator and the technology used to generate the electricity.

In 2020, the best hiking solar chargers will have significantly reduced the amount of time required to fully charge the battery, according to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, solar power chargers are not compatible with all devices. It is critical to determine in advance whether your device is compatible with the solar panel in order to avoid battery damage.

2. Do solar chargers need direct sunlight?

In order for solar chargers to function properly, the devices must be exposed to some amount of light. Photons that make up light beams interact with the material of the panel, generating energy as a result of this interaction. In this case, more light equates to greater energy consumption. The best conditions for using a solar charger are those in which the device is exposed to direct sunlight.

Nonetheless, they will continue to function in low-light conditions, but their effectiveness will be reduced. It is recommended that you use a power storage unit in conjunction with your solar charger to get the most out of it. Any time there is an energy input available, the battery will charge, and the energy will be easily dispensed under any circumstances.

3. How long does a solar charger take to charge?

Many factors influence the amount of time it takes for a solar charger to fully charge a battery. Here are some of them: First and foremost, the capacity of the battery must be taken into consideration. It takes longer to charge a 20.000 mAh power bank than it does to charge the battery of a regular smartphone.

Also consider the fact that solar chargers use the sun’s energy to charge the battery, so they won’t be as effective unless they’re placed in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. It would take approximately 2-3 hours to charge a cellphone under ideal conditions and with the best solar charger available. It could take a whole day for a larger power storage unit to reach its maximum capacity, depending on its size.

4. What is the best solar panels for camping?

It is recommended to bring a larger solar charger when camping, especially if space is not a major concern. The results of harnessing the sun’s energy to charge your batteries will be better if you use a larger solar panel. Something with a large number of charging ports would also be a useful addition to your camping equipment collection.

The following were the most effective solar chargers under these conditions:

  • Foxelli Triple USB Solar Charger
  • Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel
  • RAVPower 21W Solar Panel

If you take any of these solar chargers to a tent in the woods, you can be assured of their versatility, effectiveness, and endurance.

Best Solar Charger For Backpacking – Your pick?

As we’ve seen, there is a wide range of options to choose from if you’re looking for a way to charge your phone while you’re traveling by foot. We hope you were able to find something useful for your adventures among our carefully curated selections of products.

Once you start charging your phone with the free, clean energy provided by the sun, you won’t be able to stop. It was our pleasure to provide you with the necessary information to distinguish between a standard solar panel and the best solar panels currently available on the market.

All that remains is for you to make your decision and begin harnessing energy in the most efficient manner possible.