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Top 5 Best Solar Energy Books Reviewed In 2021


The popularity of solar energy has skyrocketed in recent years, with the popularity of solar energy increasing by orders of magnitude. In part, this is due to the fact that energy costs, as well as the cost of living in general, are becoming increasingly expensive. Solar energy is complex, and there is a lot to learn before diving in headfirst, even if you intend to hire a company to come in and professionally install all of your panels and components.

The amount of information that is available can be quite overwhelming at times. The best course of action is to educate yourself on as many aspects of solar energy as possible so that you can put together a comprehensive plan and set realistic goals for yourself with your solar energy system.

In this guide, we will examine what we believe to be the best solar energy books available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each book, as well as some frequently asked questions. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a book to guide you through the process of getting started with solar is that there are many different ways to set up your solar system. Each method is more appropriate for a specific application. Just keep in mind what you want to achieve with your solar energy project and stay focused on that.

Best Solar Energy Books: Top Picks

1. Solar Electricity Handbook Review

This 185-page book, which was published in 2019, is ideal for those who are just getting started. A solar energy professional for at least 20 years, Michael Boxwell is the author of this piece on solar energy. In addition to providing an excellent introduction to the philosophies of solar energy as well as helpful beginner tips and strategies, this book has been a best seller (in its topic) since 2009. This book, though it does not go into explicit scientific detail, serves as an excellent starting point for anyone who is just beginning to consider the possibility of going solar.


  • Excellent information for newcomers
  • The author is well-versed in the subject and discusses a variety of applications and methodologies.
  • Explains things as if the reader has no prior knowledge of solar energy.



  • There isn’t a lot of scientific detail in this.
  • Despite the fact that it covers a lot of ground, if you are already familiar with solar, the book will only provide basic information.

2. Install Your Own Solar Panels Book Review

This 200-page book by Joseph Burdick and Philip Schmidt was published in 2017 and is written by the authors. The work focuses on the solar energy market segment known as “do it yourself.” In addition to the installation of panels on the roof or near the ground, it explains the procedures to be followed in order to create “battery banks,” as well as the process of wiring and installing the entire system in order to achieve a successful “off grid” solution. The book is richly illustrated and packed with useful information. The main focus of this work, as it has been in the past, is on how to save money by performing the entire process yourself. The elimination of the need for outside assistance can significantly reduce the cost of your solar project.


  • Explanations that are extremely detailed
  • Illustrations have been provided for your convenience.
  • It focuses on solutions that are not connected to the grid.
  • Can provide a thorough explanation of the process and assist in saving money


Some practical applications are not covered in detail.


3. Mobile Solar Power Made Easy! Book Review

If you want to learn how to convert your mobile home, recreational vehicle, or other vehicle to run entirely on solar energy, this book by William Errol Prowse IV is for you. For those who prefer to do things themselves, the book includes both beginner and advanced methods that can be followed. Illustrations are included in the book, which can be read in its entirety or used as a reference. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide that can answer all of your questions from beginning to end is what this book is intended to be. The book is straightforward and contains a great deal of useful information that is presented in an easy-to-understand manner.


  • Thorough\illustrated
  • The company specializes in mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and automobiles.
  • Uncomplicated to comprehend


  • The article is fairly brief and does not go into detail about solar energy projects for traditional homes.
  • This link takes readers to the author’s website, where they can purchase additional materials.

4. Taming the Sun Book Review

Varun Sivaram’s book, Solar Energy: A Global Perspective, examines the big picture of solar energy. The purpose of the book is to inform those who are interested in solar energy about the positive effects it has on the environment, the economy, and the future of our planet. It is a very positive piece of encouragement and a timely reminder that the time to better protect our planet has come to act. Despite the fact that this book does not cover the technical aspects of solar energy, it is a wonderful resource for those who are interested in solar energy to read. Throughout this book, the author explains why solar energy should be supported and implemented in a manner that will allow the technology, rather than fossil fuels, to take the lead in energy production across America. In order to fully understand the potential economic and environmental ramifications of solar energy, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in learning more about it.


  • A fantastic tool for motivating people to use solar energy.
  • This study examines a wide range of aspects of the positive impact that solar energy can have.


  • This is not a how-to manual.

5. Solar & 12 Volt Power for Beginners Book Review

This book, written by George Eccleston and published in 2017, is a wonderful resource for those who are just getting started with solar energy. In this book, you will learn about simple and small solar solutions (such as how to power a single plug or small appliances like fans or laptops), as well as larger solar projects. if you are easily overwhelmed by technical terms, in-depth diagrams, and other complicated explanations, this is the book for you With this book, the author hopes to instill the “core knowledge” in the reader, which will help him or her gain confidence and realize that “off-grid” living is not as far away as it may appear at first glance. You will find this book to be extremely helpful if you are looking for something that will simplify the concept of solar energy and make it more easily understandable.


  • Simple and straightforward to comprehend
  • Allows even the most inexperienced solar energy user to grasp the fundamental concepts of solar energy.
  • Projects and instructions are provided to aid in learning and achieving desired results.
  • This book covers a wide range of solar energy applications in various fields.


  • It does not go into great detail about anything.


FAQ about Solar Energy Books

Q: Can I design and install a solar energy system by myself?

A: Yes, provided you have the necessary knowledge and supplies. Just keep in mind that preparation is essential. Hopefully, one or more of these solar energy books will be of assistance to you as you begin and complete your solar energy project (s).

Q: Do very many people install their own solar energy systems?

A: Without a doubt! According to the latest statistics, it is becoming increasingly popular. There are a lot of do-it-yourselfers out there who install their own solar energy systems. You can do it, too, as long as you do your research and obtain the necessary materials.

Q: How long will it take to set up my solar panels and the rest of my system?

A: It is entirely up to you. You must decide. The task can be completed in a reasonable amount of time; however, it is never a good idea to dive headfirst into a large project without first conducting thorough research and gaining adequate understanding of the situation.

Q: Is there a book out there that will answer all of my questions about solar energy?

A: Most likely not. With so much information available on solar energy, it is impossible to cover everything in one book. Keep in mind that you can now pursue a degree in solar energy at a university level!

Q: If I start using solar energy, do I have to go off-grid?

A: No, not at all. The majority of people who begin the conversion to solar power tend to set the goal of “off-grid living” as their ultimate goal; however, this is not required. You have the option to start small and progress at your own pace. A smaller system is installed by some people to merely supplement their home’s energy needs.


Solar energy can help you save money while also benefiting the environment. Besides that, it can be a wonderful hobby, or the beginning of many wonderful hobbies, in the field of renewable resources. It is hoped that this list of the top-five books on the subject of solar energy has assisted you in narrowing your search for something that will better explain solar energy in any way. The prospect of embarking on a project about which you have little to no prior experience can be intimidating. The discovery of an excellent book on the subject, on the other hand, can help to boost your confidence and get you started on the path to achieving your objectives. It is imperative that you act quickly if you wish to begin utilizing solar energy or even if you simply wish to learn more about it. Power from the sun is a beautiful thing, and the planet is pleading with you to put it to good use… and your wallets are in good shape, too!