6 Best Solar Lamp Posts: Outdoor Pole Lights | 2021 Reviews

Adding a touch of refinement to a garden, front yard, or sidewalk is a must. Solar lamp posts are the perfect way to give that finishing touch. You can include them into your system without breaking the bank on electricity expenses.

Following their installation, they become virtually fully self-sufficient. This is due to the subdued solar panels that are strategically placed on top of each solar lamp post.

Solar lamp posts are available in a variety of designs and sizes. A wide variety of lights are available, ranging from the simplest square lights that don’t catch notice to Victorian-style lamps that look like they could have been plucked from a movie scene.

They also have a variety of functions, settings, and power levels to choose from. It can be difficult to sort through all of the alternatives. The following is a breakdown of the most dependable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing solar lamp posts available on the market today.

Other solar lighting options, such as solar pathway lights, may be found in another article, which can be used in conjunction with these solar lamp posts to attractively complete your outdoor lighting setup using solar energy.

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6 Best Solar Lamp Posts

Best Overall: Gama Sonic Baytown Lamp Post

  • Brightness: 80 lumens
  • Height: 77 inches tall when installed
  • The High Points: long run time (10-12 hours), pleasant temperature of light, no fuss
  • The Not-So: simple appearance, run time may diminish over time

The fact that it is basic and dependable is what we appreciate about this light. It is by no means the most eye-catching solar lamp post on the market. Although it is not visually appealing, it is nonetheless functional.

This is especially true because of the LED light fixture in the shape of a pyramid that is located within the lamp post’s head. It is intended to cast light in such a way that it illuminates as much as possible without being overpowering in its effect.

Gama Sonic is the company that created this particular style of solar lamp post. It is referred to as the Baytown Lamp Post model by the company.

As part of the installation package, this model includes a planter. A combination of warm and cool lights can also be found in the room. Because of this, a soft glow is created while still emitting a significant amount of light.

The longest run time of this light is its brightest feature. With an optimal charge, it has a battery life of 10-12 hours. This light will have no trouble remaining illuminated throughout the entire nighttime.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The light post’s appearance is generally praised by those who have commented on it. They appreciate the fact that they may choose from a range of color selections.

The design is straightforward enough that it can blend in with other lamp posts that have previously been placed. As a result, if you’re wanting to fill a gap in an already established line of sight, this one is a good choice.

Only a few people expressed concern about the planter’s ability to support the light. Some people have even used the light post in really bad weather conditions and reported that it performed flawlessly.

Several users reported that after a few months of use, the run time had decreased by nearly half, which they considered to be a significant negative. In those types of situations, the organization was able to offer replacement batteries on short notice. It is, however, not ideal to require replacement parts after only a few months of use.

Features & Considerations

As previously noted, the overall run time is remarkable (even in the situation of it halving). However, the fact that the run time has decreased after a few months is cause for concern. (This is especially true for a product that is designed to last.) It is critical for this light to take into consideration how significant the long-term run duration will be.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with this particular mix of features, Gama Sonic also provides the same light post without the planter as an alternative. If you want a more austere aesthetic, this one features simply white LED lights to offer you that. They are also available in a number of different colors, including bronze and white.

It is a rather straightforward light, consisting only of a medium height and a medium brightness. As a result, customers looking for a light with more bells and whistles may be better served by a different design. Gama Sonic’s Baytown Solar Lamp Post is a simple design that will appeal to those who prefer to keep things simple.

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Runner-Up: Kemeco Aluminum Solar Lamp Post

  • Brightness: 100 lumens
  • Height: 75.9 inches tall when installed
  • The High Points: pleasant light, logical design
  • The Not-So: top heavy, short

This solar lamp post has the appearance of something out of a movie set. The light from the candle casts a warm glow that allows you to envision yourself returning home after a fun night out, coming up to your porch, and smiling one more time before stepping inside the house.

Perhaps it is the ripple glass that surrounds the six high-intensity LEDs that allows the bright light to be softened while still illuminating a significant area. This light fixture also features an extremely logical design, with its square head mirroring the square planter.

Another feature of this light post that is particularly noteworthy is its operating time. It is not as tall as the Gama Sonic Baytown Solar Lamp Post, which is almost the same height.

The Kemeco Aluminum Solar Lamp Post, on the other hand, will reliably last 6 to 8 hours. I think I’ll be able to make it through the night on this amount of food. It is certainly sufficient to see you through until the early hours of the morning.

What Do Reviewers Say?

This is a product that has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. They adore everything about it: the design, the brightness, the run time. Reviewers, more than anything else, have emphasized the superb quality of the materials used.

Aluminum is used to construct this lamp pole. As a result, the majority of reviews believe that it has outlasted the majority of other options available.

One complaint that some reviewers have expressed is that the lamp post is a little top heavy, which is understandable given the hefty materials from which it is constructed, as opposed to the planter, which is made of plastic. Depending on the situation, if the planter is not properly weighted down, it can result in an off-balance and potentially dangerous lamp.

Features & Considerations

In addition to the superb design of the shape, the solar panels on this solar lamp post are also well-placed, with one on each side of the square “roof” of the light and one on the top of the light. Because of the different angles and placements of the panels, this design allows the battery to receive the maximum amount of charge.

Because of the materials from which it is constructed, the Kemeco Aluminum Solar Lamp Post is also extremely resistant to rusting and corrosion. It will also withstand the dampness of a prolonged downpour thanks to the waterproof coating on the outside.

Due to the fact that the solar lamp post is top-heavy, it is critical that the planter is properly weighed down. Again, because of the hefty materials, it can be extremely dangerous if the post comes crashing to the ground. This light is nicely complemented by rocks or cement, which is the finest choice.

In addition, it is rather short when compared to other lamp post alternatives. This may not be the ideal option if you require a bright sitting light or if you require the light to shine the greatest distance possible.

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Another Favorite: Gama Sonic Pagoda Lamp Post

  • Brightness: 180 lumens
  • Height: 87 inches tall when installed
  • The High Points: very bright
  • The Low Points: very tall

Look no farther if you want a no-fuss, pegged light. The Gama Sonic Pagoda Lamp Post is aesthetically beautiful without drawing attention to itself, despite the fact that it would tower above other lamp posts due to its height.

It also has a long runtime, with a fully charged battery providing approximately eight hours of operation. Although there are other lights that may last longer due to the brightness of this lamp post limiting its potential run times, this light is dependable despite the fact that there are other lights that may last longer.

The top component, which is designed like a “pagoda,” is our favorite feature since it exudes refinement, which is quite important when it comes to solar lights. Because it elongates the top piece, the “pagoda” design also contributes to the overall balance of the height of the light.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The height and reach of the light were consistently mentioned by reviewers, who emphasized the brightness when combined with both of those characteristics. They were also delighted with the build quality and materials, which they felt to be more than adequate for the light to be outside in a range of weather conditions, according to the homeowners.

They also stated that, in comparison to an alternative that makes use of a planter, the staked design resulted in a less complicated installation process with a no-fuss design and technique, as opposed to the planter option.

Features & Considerations

This solar lamp post is substantially taller than any other light on our list, measuring 87 inches when fully placed (that is, when the stake has been pushed into the ground completely). It also has 180 lumens of brightness, which is more than any other light on our list.

A big portion of the region will be illuminated by this lamp post because of its height and brightness combination. That distinguishes this light from others since it combines good utility with a visually pleasing design. However, for others, the height of this light may be prohibitive.

The most significant disadvantage we discovered is that the “pagoda” design can result in a tiny portion of the solar panels being shaded by the “roof” of the “pagoda,” which can result in the light not receiving the full amount of charge it might. As a result, the location of this light is vitally critical to its effectiveness.

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The Best Mid-Range Option: Sterno Home Outdoor Light

  • Brightness: 50 lumens
  • Height: 80 inches tall when installed
  • The High Points: old-school design, consistent run time
  • The Not-So: not very bright, must be installed to hard surface (screw installation)

Because of the solar panels, the Sterno Home Outdoor Light embodies the classic old-fashioned lamp post while still adding a modern touch. You can have a sense of the past while also knowing that you are contributing to the preservation of the future by utilizing solar energy.

These lights are not only attractive, but they also perform admirably. After a full charge, you may anticipate that they will be operational for approximately 6-8 hours.

Although this lamp post is slightly more affordable than some of the other options, it does so at the expense of a few other features, such as installation design and brightness. Nonetheless, it is a reliable light, and it is a good choice for fans of the old-fashioned simple design who are looking for a more affordable option without sacrificing too many features.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The general consensus among reviewers is that this light is too dim. Some were aware of what they were getting themselves into, while others were not, but they all agree that the light produces more of a glow than it does illumination.

They also point out that installation is straightforward, and that, despite some reservations regarding the product’s stability, a few reviewers have put it through its paces in adverse weather conditions, and it appears to have passed with flying colors. Despite the fact that the light is less than ideal in terms of brightness, all of the materials utilized are of sufficient quality to allow for continuous operation for an extended period of time.

Features & Considerations

Sterno outdoor solar light has a much lower lumen output when compared to the other options on our list. The light falls into the category of decorative lighting much more than one that is intended to illuminate a big space, especially if it is used in conjunction with another or multiple other lamp posts.

The installation of this light is accomplished through the use of screws rather than the more usual post or planter style. The bottom-heavy construction helps to stabilize it, but you’ll want to place it on a firm surface to ensure your safety while doing so.

With only 50 lumens, this solar lamp post isn’t the brightest thing you’ll find on the market. It would probably operate better as a decorative lamp, such as on a porch, rather than as a street lamp, because it is less bright.

The installation technique (which involves screws) is also unique, which limits the number of locations where it can be mounted. Having said that, this installation is quite simple and involves significantly less force than using a stake, as well as significantly less extra investment than a planter could demand.

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The Best Pick for a Tight Budget: iGlow Garden Solar Lamp Post

  • Brightness: 100 lumens
  • Height: 78.5 inches at maximum height
  • The High Points: adjustable height options, price
  • The Not-So: short run time (3 hours), weaker materials

After spending money on landscaping, a pathway, and a porch, you might be down to your last few dollars, but you think you might have just enough left over to add that final touch: a solar light post. The iGlow Garden Solar Lamp post is the answer to your problem.

For around one-half to one-third of the price of many other high-quality options on the market, this solar lamp post is an excellent value. Because it is so inexpensive, you may be able to purchase two or three of these for the same amount you would pay for just one. With that in mind, there are some features that you will have to give up in order to get to that low price point. But, first and foremost, let’s look at what the iGlow does exceptionally well.

It’s perfectly bright at 100 lumens, and the color is a warm daylight blue that should be acceptable in practically any environment. In addition, one of our favorite features is that the iGlow Garden Solar Lamp Post’s post is made up of four separate pieces, which allows you to customize the height of the lamp post by choosing to omit one or more sections of the post if you so want.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The majority of reviews agree that you get what you paid for when it comes to the overall quality of this lamp post. It is by no means of inferior quality, but it is crucial to know that, when compared to other alternatives, it is not the best option available to you.

Despite some concerns about the product’s quality, the majority of reviewers still like and appreciate the iGlow Garden Solar Lamp Post, praising it for its excellent brightness and the ease with which it can be adjusted in height, among other features.

Features & Considerations

As previously stated, the most important thing to keep an eye out for with this lamp is its run time. If it is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, it is highly likely that it will survive longer than 3 hours under optimum conditions, but it is not a good choice for a light that will be assured to last throughout the evening.

In a similar vein, the material quality of this solar garden light is marginally inferior to that of some of the other available options. One approach to avoid this is to make certain that the base is as secure as possible, even if this means using screws other than those provided. The structure will be far more resistant to weather-related problems if you do so.

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The “Getting Fancy” Option: Sun-Ray Madison Lamp Post

  • Brightness: 100 lumens
  • Height: 79 inches tall when installed
  • The High Points: unique design
  • The Not-So: short run time (4 hours)

The Sun-Ray Madison Lamp Post is one of the lights on our list that deserves to be put on a porch, if there is one. Aesthetics are taken care of with this lamp, which has not one, not two, but three hanging lights that are connected by a lovely spiraling metal frame.

Although this light is likewise rather tall, the design of the hanging solar light creates the sense of a more intimate light, more in keeping with a light that belongs in a café or a home room rather than on a street corner. You’ll be sure to feel at ease no matter where you opt to put this light in your home.

It also includes a planter, which can contribute to the uniqueness of the design while also allowing for greater freedom in the positioning of this light. In order to best meet your needs, you can mount this light on a porch railing or pavement as well as directly on the ground.

What Do Reviewers Say?

According to the critics, the one-of-a-kind design poses an entirely new installation problem. The three spirals that emerge from the lamp post’s head, together with the planter, result in a large number of parts and a significant amount of screwing to put this lamp post together.

Reviewers were highly satisfied with the materials used to construct this lamp post, noting that the metal will not corrode under normal conditions. Aside from that, they praised the design for its individuality.

Features & Considerations

The run time of this lamp is one aspect that we would have preferred to be better. Despite the fact that it has the ability to survive longer, it often only lasts four hours, which is insignificant when compared to other lamp posts, which can last twice or three times as long as the Sun-Ray Madison Lamp Post.

The best way to deal with this issue is to situate the plant where it will receive the most sunlight possible, allowing it to benefit from every ray of sunlight it receives. If it is put in the best possible position, it should be able to run throughout the entire duration of the game, which can help make up for the short amount of time available because it will at the very least satisfy expectations.

The hanging lights also have an unique reach in terms of the glow that they emit, which, when combined with a brightness rating of 100, is likely to provide tremendous illumination in a tiny space. Each individual cylinder is equipped with three LED bulbs, which emit a pleasant glow when turned on.

Because of its intricate form, this solar lamp post can overpower a space and, because of its distinct style, it may not match other lights in the area. Its low brightness can be a concern in a wide region that demands significant illumination because to its low brightness.

See the Amazon price for more information.

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Choosing a Solar Lamp Post that Fits Your Needs

According to what we’ve learned so far, not all solar lamp posts are created equal. It’s critical to examine which of their various characteristics and appearances is the best fit for you when choosing one of them. This will be accomplished by considering a few potential circumstances in which solar lamp posts might be a suitable fit, as well as which of the attributes make sense in each of those scenarios.

Consider the following scenario: you have a beautiful garden full with flowers, trees, and bushes. When it comes to nighttime lighting, you want to bring attention to your garden without overpowering it with light.

There are a few things to consider moving forward from here.


Solar lamp posts come with two main installation options: either a stake which you need to drive into the ground quite deeply to ensure that it is stable or a decorative planter, which you can then fill with stones, dirt and plants to help stabilize the post.

Staking is simpler,

However, you may need to dig out some plants that are already in situ in order to ensure that the lamp you have put is adequately deep in order to prevent any mishaps from occurring. A planter, which can be disguised and filled with flowers, would be a better option, but you’ll need some extra space to accommodate it. Depending on how your room is laid up, one of these solutions will most likely be more enticing than the other.

There is also the chance that the lamp will come with screws, which will allow it to be connected to a hard surface of some sort. For example, if you’re looking to install a lamp on your deck, this method can be very useful; however, when it comes to placing a lamp in a garden or yard, this method is not very effective.


You’ll need to consider about design after you’ve decided on your installation strategy. The design of some solar lamp posts is relatively straightforward, with a single square light installed at the top of the post that is unassumingly inclined, while others take on circular or even “pagoda” designs. You may also choose to have two, three, or four lights hanging or attached to your post or flagpole, depending on your preference.

In the case of the garden, perhaps something similar is preferable in order not to overwhelm the space. At the same time, it should be tasteful and organic in order to blend in with the surrounding environment, thus perhaps a single “pagoda” shaped light at the top of the post will suffice.

Height and Brightness


Having determined the general shape of your lighting fixture, you’ll need to consider about the technical aspects, such as its height and brightness. The height of your light is crucial because you don’t want it to tower over the rest of the room and appear out of place, but you also don’t want it to be so short that it disappears into the background.

The brightness of the light should be considered in the same way; too bright can be overwhelming, while too faint may not be effective. You should also keep in mind that brighter lights may have a shorter lifespan. Another feature of light that can differ from one source to another is the tone or temperature of the light; warmer tones may appear friendlier, but they might alter the color of the surrounding environment, whereas cooler lights are more effective for lighting.

Even if a simple, dim, medium-height light with a planter can brighten up the garden, it is unlikely to be the ideal choice for another circumstance, such as a path. When it comes to lighting a sidewalk, consistency and brightness are perhaps the most important considerations. A light with all the bells and whistles might be better for lighting your front porch, but one that is shorter so that everyone can get the best view of it is preferable.

Whatever the situation, be sure to consider the various factors that will influence your decision on which solar lamp post to install. To summarize, the following are some of the possibilities that you should take into consideration while selecting your solar lamp post, depending on your specific circumstances:

Installation method (stake or planter)

  • Brightness (measured in lumens, also consider warmth)
  • Shape/Design (including shape of lamp and number of lights)
  • Height

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Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Lamp Post

When evaluating solar lamp posts, we kept all the factors that we’ve previously mentioned in mind: installation methods, brightness, the general shape/design and finally, the height. We also added on a few other factors that we think are important for a good outdoor light, such as run time and durability.

In order to help you better evaluate our list, we’ll first walk you through the different factors and the terminology we’ll be using to explain the pros and cons of each light.

Installation Methods

You’re already familiar with the two main methods by which solar lamp post can generally be installed, using a stake or a planter. When evaluating the lights, we looked at how effectively the option provided works (i.e. if the light can be trusted to stay up) and how the final product looks, asking questions like “Does installing the stake require digging up a significant portion of the ground?” and “Is the planter nice enough that it doesn’t offset the sophistication of the lamp posts?” We also were sure to consider how easy installation is and if installation requires many extra materials or steps.


Generally, the brightness of lights is measured in lumens, with more lumens meaning brighter light. We considered lights with medium brightness preferable, but surely this preference differs from situation-to-situation, so be sure to check out the actual number of lumens when making your decision.

When considering brightness, you should also think about the temperature of the lights. Many of the solar lamp posts come with either a warm or cool option, and your preference will likely depend on where you want the lights to be. We preferred lights that have both options when possible.

Design Considerations

Beyond the stake vs. planter option, there are other aesthetic options as well, such as shape and number of lights. We tried to present a varied list, so there are a few different options of solar lamp posts, depending on what design you’re looking for. Some are simpler, while others are flashier, so you have many options.


As previously said, the height of a lamp post can make or break its effectiveness, particularly depending on where it is intended to be installed. Because the heights can vary greatly, we made certain to specify how tall the light post would be when it was placed.

Run Time

The amount of time that you can expect the light to remain glowing after it has been fully charged is referred to as the “run time.” As a general rule, run time is only a ballpark estimate because the lights are not typically fully charged every day. However, you can think of the run times as comparative; if one model has a longer run time than another, it will most likely last longer in the same charging conditions.


It must be waterproof and durable in order to resist being exposed to the elements, potentially in a variety of weather situations. Durability was determined by taking into consideration the material that was used to construct the solar lamp post and the requirements it possessed for being waterproof (and everything else – proof).

Now that you’ve read our assessments of the solar lamp posts, you’ll be able to evaluate them critically and understand why we ranked them the way we did. We’ll make certain that you have all of the information you need before we break down each light so that you can make an informed decision about which light to purchase.

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What if it is cloudy all day? Will my solar lamp post still work?

A cloudy day does not always mean that your solar lamp post will not function; nevertheless, it can have an impact on how well it functions and how long it operates. Even when it’s cloudy, some sunlight penetrates the clouds, allowing your solar lamp post to continue to charge, albeit at a lower rate than it would at peak temperatures. Even on a cloudy day, however, it is improbable that enough sunshine will pass through the clouds to fully charge the battery.

Keeping this in mind, the solar lamp post can continue to function even if it does not have a fully charged battery. The brightness of a device might be affected by a battery that is less than fully charged (some lamps even have a special setting that allows it to detect when the lamp gets to a certain level of charge, switching it into a dimmer mode to help conserve battery). It will very certainly have an impact on run-time as well.

Where I live, it’s really windy, and I’m worried about my lamp post falling over. What should I look for to prevent this situation?

Taking into consideration the various installation methods can assist you in determining the most effective method of installing the light in such a way that it is stable even when exposed to strong winds. The lights with planters are our preferred option in these scenarios for two reasons.

A planter can be filled with heavy materials in order to make it as stable as possible, which is the first of these reasons. The hefty rocks and thick dirt (and a few small flowers on top) have been used to maximize stability, but a large planter can accommodate many other types of plants and flowers.

Another advantage of using a planter is that it can be moved in the event of extremely severe weather conditions. A lamp post planted into the ground is substantially more difficult to move in the event of severe weather, such as a tornado or hurricane, but a planter may be more easily prepared for extreme weather if you know it’s coming.

Will my solar lamp post really be as bright as a normal lamp post?

Absolutely, if you have a good charge and a good light source. The truth is that the brightness of a display is not directly tied to the power supply at any point.

For those searching for a really bright lamp, we recommend that you look at options that have a high number of lumens, ideally more than 150 in the case of a solar light post. With solar lights that can produce up to 5,000 lumens or more, being solar isn’t a constraint when it comes to finding a high-powered lamp post for your yard.

Do I have to put the solar lamp post in a certain place to make sure that it will charge?

It is absolutely essential that the solar panel be exposed to sunlight in order for it to charge a solar light. However, placing it in direct sunshine will allow for a substantially better charge. It is not necessary to charge it completely in direct sunlight.

If you want to get the most out of your solar panel, positioning it so that the panel faces south will allow you to get the most out of your solar panel. Also ensure that it is not only situated in such a way that it receives direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, but that it is also free of obstruction from other large items. At different times of the day, these can contain trees or residential structures.

Can the solar lamp post be charged and used inside?

The ability to use a solar lamp post inside would be really convenient, but because you can’t charge it inside, it would be unable to be utilized. Some very low-power solar gadgets may be able to operate inside, but in general, anything that emits light will not be able to do so.

However, if you truly want to use solar electricity inside, the easiest way to go about doing so is by purchasing an LED ceiling light that has a solar panel attached to it via a connection and running that cord outside. At that point, we would recommend installing larger solar panels on the outside of the house. However, there are still plenty of lamp posts that can be used inside the building.

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