Best Solar Motion Lights – 2021 (Buying Guide)

In order to increase the level of security in your home, one of these finest solar motion lights can be of assistance. It is possible to save money on electricity by using solar lights as an alternative to regular electric ones. If you use a motion-activated type, you may save even more energy by just lighting the exterior of your home when it is needed, rather than constantly.

Front porches, driveways, garden walks, sheds, fences, and other gloomy areas of your property benefit from solar motion lights, which can be used to illuminate them as well. Because of their sensitive sensors, they are engaged when a person or animal enters their range. This results in a bright light being activated, which can deter burglars or prevent you from tripping on your way to the door.

Whatever your requirements, there are various excellent models available that will keep your outside spaces illuminated throughout the night.

6 Best Solar Motion Lights

Best Overall: Dyxin Solar Spot Lights

  • Lumens: 600
  • Motion Sensor range: 30 ft.
  • The High Points: Versatility of design and very sensitive motion sensor.
  • The Not-So: Construction is not as sturdy or durable as other designs.

The Dyxin Solar Spot Light is a small solar spot light with a lot of functionality packed into a small package. The basic yet effective solar spotlight is equipped with a total of 18 LEDs per light, which allows it to illuminate even the darkest of corners.. With a few various installation choices, the Dyxin provides the greatest amount of flexibility for homeowners with a wide range of requirements.

However, despite the fact that it isn’t the most visually appealing or durable option on the market, it does come with some excellent features, such as numerous illumination modes, a very sensitive motion sensor, and extremely brilliant lights.

Each set comes with two spotlights and is offered at a very cheap price. They are ideal for enhancing the security of a front driveway, keeping pests away in the backyard, or showcasing the beauty of a garden or landscape.

What Do Reviewers Say?

Overall, the Dyxin Solar Spotlight has received positive feedback from customers. They claim that the lights are bright and effective, and that they perform as promised. The lights have even gotten some people to remark that they are the brightest solar spotlights that they have ever seen.

Others appreciate that the lights remain on throughout the night. It will become brighter as you approach the light, which is excellent for security. A few reviewers, on the other hand, have reported that their lights have stopped working completely. It’s possible that this is the result of a manufacturing fault.

Features & Considerations

The black Dyxin is compact and unobtrusive, and it comes with two different installation options: wall mounting or garden pegs. Because the spotlight head can be rotated 360 degrees, there’s no need to be concerned about finding the optimal installation angle for the spotlight. This level of adaptability is uncommon in a solar motion sensor light of this type.

The motion sensor can identify a person or an animal within a 30-foot radius, which is one of the longest detection ranges available on the market today. Additionally, the sensitive PIR motion sensors are capable of operating at angles of up to 150 degrees. Once turned on, the light has a range of up to 33 feet and can illuminate a wide area.

It comes with four different light modes, including lengthy illumination, modest brightness and auto switching. The light can be designed to turn on or brighten as soon as a person is spotted, or it can be programmed to remain lighted throughout the entire night. The Dyxin can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

For best efficiency, each light is equipped with a solar panel that can be rotated in a 360-degree circle around the light. The battery takes around 4 to 6 hours to fully charge and will last for 8 to 10 hours when fully charged. When placed in direct sunlight, the Dyxin can easily provide illumination from twilight until morning on a single charge.

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Runner Up: BAXIA Technology Solar Lights 100 LED

  • Lumens: 2,000
  • Motion Sensor Range: 10-16 ft.
  • The High Points: Comes with 4 lights per set for maximum coverage.
  • The Not-So: Does not have multiple light modes.

The BAXIA model is an excellent choice for easy and environmentally friendly security lighting since it takes a straightforward approach to solar motion technology. The motion-sensitive lights are activated for 30 seconds after they have been triggered. The lights do not stay on all night, but their long battery life ensures that they will be available whenever you require them.

Each light contains an amazing 100 LED lights, which produce a combined output of 2,000 lumens when used together. The BAXIA solar light set, which comes with four lights per pack, is a terrific and economical solution for homeowners who want to lighten up a number of dull spots around their house.

What Do Reviewers Say?

Some reviewers have stated that the BAXIA Technology Solar Lights have exceeded their expectations. The lights are extremely simple to install and provide ample illumination for stairwells, dog runs, and other dark areas. The fact that the lights do not remain on throughout the night and are only turned on when people or animals pass by has been praised by reviewers.

One of the reviewers received a malfunctioning light that will not charge even when exposed to direct sunshine. They state that the manufacturers were quite flexible and supplied replacement units that were in excellent working order to them. If you want your lights to be as bright as possible, you must position them in areas where there is little shade.

Features & Considerations

A no-frills security option, the BAXIA outdoor solar lights are built to last. It is possible to attach each light flush to the wall and to position them over entryways, garages, porches, and other gloomy, high-traffic locations. With four distinct units in each set, you’ll have a lot of coverage around the perimeter of your property!

People within 10 to 16 feet and at a range of 125 degrees can be detected by the solar motion sensor light. In addition, the lamp has only one lighting mode and will only turn on when its sensors are triggered. A total of 2,000 lumens are produced by the BAXIA solar lights after they are turned on for 30 seconds.

On the top of each light fixture is a large solar panel. As long as the panels are exposed to direct sunlight, they can recharge the battery in 6 to 8 hours. They can be used for up to 8 to 12 hours after they have been fully charged.

Additionally, the BAXIA lights are constructed of high-strength ABS to ensure their long-term durability. Because of this, they are impervious to water as well as heat, ice, and dust. If there are any problems with the product, the company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 90-day limited warranty.

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Best for Security Lighting: AmeriTop Super Bright LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

  • Lumens: 1,500
  • Motion Sensor Range: 49 ft.
  • The High Points: Has one of the most sensitive motion sensors on the market.
  • The Not-So: Has a very short battery life.

With a highly sensitive motion sensor and a high lumen output, the AmeriTop Super Bright LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights are among the best security lighting options available on the market. The model also includes all of the normal features, such as weatherproofing, a high-efficiency solar panel, and a simple installation process.

Despite the fact that the AmeriTop light has a short battery life, it will last you the entire night. The light is programmed to turn on only when it detects movement in the surrounding area. The light will remain illuminated for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before turning off on its own accord. Whether you need a little extra security lighting for your home or business, the AmeriTop model is an excellent choice.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The brightness of the light has been praised by all who have tested it. It is also extremely sturdy and simple to install, requiring only a few screws to complete the task. It has adequate battery life to endure for a couple of motion activations every night, which is sufficient.

Some reviews, on the other hand, have expressed concern that the motion sensor is not as sensitive as stated. It has been reported by others that the sensor is only capable of detecting movement up to 30 feet away, which is substantially less than the distance claimed in the product description. However, for those who require the additional distance for security reasons, this may offer a difficulty.

Features & Considerations

The AmeriTop solar motion light boasts of being “ultra-bright,” according to the company. This claim is more than accurate, as evidenced by the combined 1,500 lumens and 5,000K of brightness. The lamp includes three distinct swivel heads, each of which may be simply adjusted to provide a larger area of illumination.

Movement can be detected up to 49 feet away by the unit’s very sensitive motion sensor, which is included with the unit. In addition, the sensor may be adjusted to function at a 180-degree angle as well.

The AmeriTop light is 20 percent more sensitive than a normal solar motion light, allowing you to deter animals or intruders from a greater range of locations.

There is a stand-alone solar panel included with each light, which is connected by a 15-foot power cord. This type differs from other variants in that the solar panel is not permanently linked to the light fixture and must be fitted separately. While a separate installation is less convenient, it does allow you to locate the light in a spot where it will not receive direct sunlight, which is beneficial in some situations.

“Auto mode” (which functions from dusk to dawn) and “auto on” are the two different options available for the motion sensor (turns on when motion is detected). The “auto on” mode can be configured to last for 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 2 minutes, depending on your preference. This provides homeowners with greater flexibility if they require additional time to park their car, go up their driveway, or pick up the mail.

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Most Stylish: Greenclick 2 Mode Motion Sensor Solar Wall Lights

  • Lumens: 60
  • Motion Sensor Range: 9.8-16.4 ft.
  • The High Points: The elegant and beautiful design mimics traditional oil lanterns.
  • The Not-So: Doesn’t produce enough light to be an effective security device.

In addition to being one of the most attractive solar motion lights available, the Greenclick 2 Mode Motion Sensor Solar Wall Light exceeds all expectations. Greenclick’s solar light, which is designed in the style of a historic oil lantern, may lend a touch of elegance to a front porch or entrance barrier. Despite the fact that it is not bright enough to give much security, it is a practical and environmentally beneficial alternative to traditional outdoor lighting.

Before you activate the motion sensor, the Greenclick light simulates a romantic flickering flame effect, which you may turn off. When it identifies a human, the light changes to a brilliant white color, allowing visitors to see more clearly. Those wishing to lighten up a dark room without losing aesthetics will find this to be an excellent and cost-effective solution to their problem.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The Greenclick 2 Mode Motion Sensor Solar Wall Lights received a lot of positive feedback, which shocked the reviewers. They are impressed with the novel approach to a solar motion light, which includes the distinctive dancing flame effect. Despite the fact that the light is lovely, it is also extremely functional and provides a great deal of value to homeowners.

One reviewer expressed dissatisfaction with the design of the solar lamp. They had failed to notice that the back of the lamp casing was flat, despite the fact that it should have been mounted flush with the wall. It is possible that this will be a limitation for consumers who are searching for a light that can be connected to the roof rather than simply put on a flat surface, as described above.

Features & Considerations

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of the Greenclick solar light is its lovely, antique look. The light is contained within a faux lantern box, and the solar panel is hidden on top of the black roof. Each set includes two solar lanterns, which can be used as an additional ornamental element outside the house if desired.

The lanterns are designed to look like dancing flames, which creates a lovely mood at the entrance of a residence. When the motion detector is activated, the light will flash bright white for 30 seconds before turning off. This is just enough light to assist you in unlocking your door or identifying visitors in the dark of the evening.

Despite the fact that the Greenclick lights are constructed of plastic, they are quite sturdy and can endure rain, snow, ice, and other severe weather conditions. However, in order for the rooftop solar panel to perform at maximum capacity, it must get an enough amount of sunshine. Depending on whether an awning or a balcony hinders the sun’s rays from reaching the top of the light fixture, you may be limited in your installation options.

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Best for Garden Paths: DEWENWILS Outdoor Solar Path Lights

  • Lumens: 30
  • Motion Sensor Range: 13 ft.
  • The High Points: Has a very long battery life.
  • The Not-So: Is not as bright as other wall-mounted options.

The DEWENWILS Outdoor Solar Path Lights are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious households. The short black spike lights can be set along the perimeter of any outdoor space to provide additional lighting and ambiance. Despite the fact that the lights aren’t particularly bright, they provide adequate illumination to prevent stumbling in the dark.

The majority of solar path lights do not have motion sensing capabilities. The DEWENWILS, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds; the light generates a soothing glow throughout the night and can brighten up when someone goes along. This is a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for garden beds or walks that is also attractive.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The DEWENWILS Outdoor Solar Path Lights are a popular choice among customers. They stand at a good height and are of a good size. It has been noted that they emit a dim and constant glow even when the motion sensor is not enabled, which some customers find appealing.

Some reviews, on the other hand, have expressed dissatisfaction with the low brightness settings, which are usually dull and ornamental. Others have stated that bugs have activated the motion sensors and completely depleted the batteries over the course of an evening. After that, the batteries will take a significant amount of sunlight to properly recharge.

Features & Considerations

When used to illuminate an external perimeter such as a driveway or rooftop garden trail, the DEWENWILS solar lights are excellent choices. Because each light is attached to the ground with a stake, installation is incredibly straightforward. Remember that these lights cannot be fixed on the wall because of their shape and size.

Each light is composed of stainless steel and is resistant to the elements. The little solar panels that are mounted on the tops of the stakes are both functional and unobtrusive. The style of the light is sleek and modern, and it can easily be integrated into any landscaping scheme.

Despite the fact that the DEWENWILS solar path lights only emit 30 lumens, they are sold in pairs, allowing the total brightness to be increased. If you wish to cover a big area, it is recommended that you purchase multiple packets. However, each set is extremely cost-effective, so illuminating a huge driveway will not cost you a lot of money in the long run.

When a person or animal approaches the light within 13 feet of it, the motion sensor is triggered and the light turns on. After then, the light will remain on for an extra 20 seconds before returning to its original modest 3-lumen brightness. On a full battery charge, the DEWENWILS may operate for up to 12 hours before shutting off automatically at dawn, according to the manufacturer.

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For Those On A Budget: Pobon Foldable Solar Lights

  • Lumens: 450
  • Motion Sensor Range: 6-26 ft.
  • The High Points: The innovative design offers maximum portability and ease of use.
  • The Not-So: Doesn’t have a large motion sensor range.

The Pobon Foldable Solar Light, which is the cheapest and most adaptable light on our list, is an absolute deal at its price point. With its folding form, you can simply move the light to your campsite, construction zone, or in an emergency situation to provide some additional security lighting. The Pobon Foldable Solar Light is the only solar motion light that is as portable as the Pobon Foldable Solar Light.

What Do Reviewers Say?

Customers appreciate how cost-effective the Pobon Foldable Solar Light is, and they recommend it to others. Not only is it a low-cost initial investment, but it also saves money on electricity bills over the long term. The versatility of this light is appreciated by others, as it can be used in an emergency, when camping, or as a porch light that is permanently installed.

Some people have claimed that the light does not function properly when they position it in a shady region. The fact is that this is a common problem with solar lamps that have integrated solar panels. Otherwise, the batteries will not be able to recharge if the lights are not placed in an area that receives direct sunshine.

Features & Considerations

Pobon’s solar motion light is distinguished by an original design feature: it can be folded. This enables for more adaptable installation because it can be readily changed to receive the appropriate quantity of sunlight. Additionally, the light can be folded up and transported to a camping destination, used inside an automobile, or placed on a building site.

The lamp is installed on a “shelf” that is fixed to the wall. Once it’s attached, you’ll be able to rotate the panel and light by 250 degrees. Additionally, you can easily disconnect the light can from the shelf if you wish to take it with you on a road trip.

“Stay on” (constant light), “dim light” (constant dim lighting with brilliant lighting when movement is detected), and “sensor mode” are the three different operating modes of the lamp (light when movement is detected only). Even though the motion sensor isn’t particularly sensitive, it can detect movement from a distance of 6 to 26 feet and at an angle of 120 degrees.

See the Amazon price for more information.

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The Complete Solar Motion Lights Buyer’s Guide

What to Look For in a Solar Motion Light

Consider how and where you will be using the solar motion light before making your final decision on which one to purchase. Each model will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you want to use it. These characteristics will assist you in determining which model is the most appropriate for your needs.

Why do you need a solar motion sensor light?

Purchasing a solar motion sensor light is a personal decision for each homeowner who has a certain requirement in mind. However, while the majority of people pick this type of light for security reasons, such as deterring intruders or alerting those inside the house to persons in the driveway, there are a variety of additional reasons to go for an environmentally friendly motion-activated light.

Different uses include:

  • Providing security
  • Brightening dim paths or staircases at night
  • Replacing traditional power-hungry porch lights
  • Deterring wild animals
  • Providing light for pets in the yard
  • Help with nighttime parking

A wide range of different designs and models are available on the market that can be customized to match the specific requirements of each customer. For example, dim stake lights are ideal for walkways, gardens, and protecting the perimeter of a building. Solar flood lights installed on walls, on the other hand, are excellent for use as security lighting and driveway lighting.

Where will you be installing your light?

The solar panels for the majority of solar-powered lights are built inside the unit itself. These models must be placed in a location that receives a lot of direct sunlight to be effective.

But if you want to install a light in an area where there is a lot of shade, such as beneath a balcony overhang or on a rooftop, you’ll need to look for models that have a separate solar panel attached to them.

Where you can place your solar light will be determined in part by the motion sensor functionality of the light itself. Because the range sensitivity of each light’s motion sensor differs, you’ll need to measure the distance between your installation location and your desired point of detection.

Example: If you want the sensor to activate the light after you pull into the driveway, the light must have a sufficient range and must be installed in the proper location on an outside wall of the house.

Potential purchasers should also think about the type of material that will be used in the installation of your lamp. Some light fixtures require screws and shelfing, which may not be compatible with brick walls that are very resistant. Those that are more accommodating can be attached with hooks or ground pegs, whereas those that are less accommodating cannot.

What type of functions do you want?

When it comes to solar motion lights, there are a variety of various lighting options. Your light’s duration and frequency of operation are determined by these settings. Solar motion lights, on the other hand, will automatically turn on at nightfall and switch off at dawn in the vast majority of cases, if not all.

To have continuous lighting throughout the night, you’ll want a lamp that emits a low light that gradually becomes brighter as soon as the sensor is triggered. If you only want the light to turn on when it detects a human, you should look for a sensor-only light instead.

You can customize the length of time that the light remains illuminated when it is triggered on some models; however, on others, the time is preset. For individuals that require the light to function for a specific period of time, the additional customization is a fantastic alternative to choose from. Example: You might want the light to turn on the instant you pull into the driveway and switch off just when you walk through the front door.

How often will you be using your light?

The amount of time you may use your solar motion sensor light will be determined by how long the battery will last. Some solar lights are not very efficient and may quickly deplete their battery’s power supply. Obviously, these are not the best options for individuals who require security around the clock. If, on the other hand, the light is only used once a night, a powerful model with a limited battery life may be the most appropriate choice.

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Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Motion Lights

Based on our specified criteria, we’ve narrowed down a competitive list of options to feature the 6 best solar motion lights.

Our rankings specifically focus on the lumens and motion sensor range of each light model. We also took into consideration the unique use of the light, the overall quality of design and the number of features.


It is the quantity of lumens, in essence, that defines how bright the light is. The lumen count varies widely from model to model, with some versions producing as little as 30 lumens and others producing an amazing 2,000 lumens.

Lights that produce less than 30 lumens, on the other hand, are essentially worthless. A minimum of 1,000 lumens will be required for security illumination, and more will be required for outdoor lighting.

Motion Sensor Range

The motion sensor on a solar light is, in most cases, just as sensitive as the sensor on a regular light. People or animals can be detected by the PIM technology from a distance of up to 49 feet. A moving object in the distance is detected by the sensor, which triggers the activation of the light. The light will remain on as long as the individual remains within range of the device, after which it will turn off and continue to run for a certain period of time.

The horizontal distance and angle at which a motion sensor is activated determine the range of the sensor. The sensor’s ability to cover a large region will be determined by the combination of the distance and angle measurements. It’s vital to remember, however, that the placement of the installation will have an impact on the angle of detection because walls or roofs may obstruct the sensors’ view.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can solar motion lights withstand inclement weather?

All solar motion lights are designed to withstand the outdoors, which includes inclement weather.

Most lights are resistant to:

  • Rain
  • Frost
  • Heat
  • Snow
  • Dust

Solar panels, on the other hand, are extremely sensitive and should not be exposed to torrential rain for an extended period of time. If you frequently have freezes or floods, it’s a good idea to invest in a model that can be simply dismantled and temporarily stored.

Is it difficult to install solar motion lights?

Installing solar motion lights is often a straightforward process that doesn’t require any special knowledge or expertise. According to the design, individuals can either install the light in the ground or attach it to a fence or wall.

Ground installation is the quickest and most straightforward. Assembly and placement in the grass are the only things that need to be done. The installation of walls can be more difficult and will necessitate the use of basic tools. Solar devices, on the other hand, do not require any wiring because they are self-contained.

How long does it take to charge a solar motion light?

The charging duration of each solar motion light varies, but on average, a light takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge when exposed to direct sunshine. This value can rise dramatically when exposed to incandescent light or when the weather is cold.

It is critical that you install your solar panel in the proper location and at the proper angle. If you don’t do this, your batteries will never be able to charge completely, and the light will either burn out sooner or emit less power to compensate.

How long do solar motion light batteries last?

The battery life of a solar motion light might vary depending on the type, in a similar way to how long it takes to charge. On a full charge, the majority of lights last an average of 8 hours. This is enough time for the lamp to last through the night and offer illumination from nightfall till daybreak.

It should be noted, however, that if the solar panel does not receive enough direct sunlight during the day, the light will not function effectively.

Most homeowners only require the solar motion light to activate when there is detected movement, resulting in a battery life that is substantially longer than that of motion lights that remain illuminated throughout the night. This is an additional benefit for individuals who live in overcast climates and are unable to fully recharge their batteries in a single day.

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