6 Best Solar Path Lights in 2021 (Rankings & Reviews)

With so many environmentally friendly options hitting the market, it might be difficult to determine which solar lights are the ideal for your outdoor route. The use of solar lighting in general is a fantastic choice for both homes and business owners alike.

They are cost-effective, simple to install, and visually appealing. In addition, as compared to typical wired choices, they are surprisingly bright.

Purchase a high-quality solar path light if you have an unlit pathway, driveway, garden boundary, or any other place that could be potentially dangerous for pedestrians or other vehicles. During the day, these ingenious creations soak up the rays of the sun. They use LED lighting and solar-powered batteries to illuminate even the most inaccessible regions at night.

The greatest solar-powered outdoor lights, in addition to having a few other important characteristics, are described in detail in an article we wrote. A few of these characteristics are a long battery life, a durable build, and a high brightness rating.

This should be done in a way that is complementary to the design and aesthetics. When it comes to location and function, size, shape, and color are all important factors.

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6 Best Solar Pathway Lights

Finding the Right Solar-Powered Light for Your Outdoor Path

Identifying your exact requirements before investing in solar-powered lighting for a certain region is critical before making a decision. It goes without saying that a homeowner seeking for a decorative spotlight to highlight flora along their paths will have a different set of criteria than a homeowner searching for motion-activated solar security lights to keep the kids from tripping over the edge of their driveway at night.

Some solar lamps are more suited for particular climates, regions, mounting options, and aesthetics than others, depending on their design. With the help of some basic questions, you will be able to limit down your options to the most promising candidates.

What kind of weather will your lamps be exposed to?

Each lamp has a certain level of water resistance since they’re made for the outdoors, but not all can withstand extreme weather patterns or temperatures.

Keep in mind:

  • Heavy rain and/or flooding
  • Frost and/or snow
  • Heat above 100 degrees (F)
  • Heavy winds

For individuals who live in tropical climates, it is critical to choose a model that is capable of withstanding considerable amounts of rainfall. You should evaluate whether or not the region of your yard where you intend to put the models will ever be inundated in water for extended periods of time while shopping for low-to-the-ground versions. Choosing a model with a tall post, covered head, and certification of water resistance may be a preferable option in this case.

The same is true for locations that get regular spells of frost or snowfall. Lamps constructed of flimsy materials, such as plastic, are particularly vulnerable to battery damage, which can cause them to swiftly fail. Occasionally, ice can shatter the casings of outdoor lighting fixtures, causing issues for homeowners who have installed twenty or more lights along their walkway.

Some solar panels are also smaller than others, which will have an impact on the rate at which batteries charge in low-light conditions.

How sunny is your area?

Take into account the amount of sunlight you receive on a daily basis while making your decision. Due to the fact that solar lights are fueled by the sun, they will survive for a longer period of time at night the more charging time they have available during the day.

While the output varies according on the season (low in the winter, high in the summer), it’s still advisable to pick a model that can illuminate your room while just requiring a short charging time if you live in a foggy environment. Most solar lights require an average of 8 hours to fully charge, so if you’re experiencing a stretch of dark days and gloomy weather, you may not be able to use your lights for a few days after they have been charged.

How much light do you need?

Solar lamps produce a specific amount of light, which is typically measured in lumens (lm). For those who are more familiar with watts (W), 600 lm is the equivalent of a 10W LED light, which is approximately the same brightness. A solar light’s brightness is proportional to the number of lumens it contains.

Your lights’ brightness will be determined in part by the size of the solar panel that you use. This is the fundamental rule of thumb: the larger the solar panel, the greater the amount of light it generates.

Some ornamental lamps contain built-in panels that are so small that they can only provide a faint amount of illumination. This may be a lovely way to beautify your yard, but it is not a practical method of deterring intruders or preventing you from tripping over a stick in the road when driving.

A big light radius and a high lumen rating are required for lighting a vast space, therefore look for lights with these characteristics. You should choose solar light sets that have six or more lamps in order to save money because you’ll be purchasing more than one.

Are you using it for decorative or safety purposes?

When it comes to installing solar-powered path lighting, there are two primary objectives: aesthetics and safety.

A number of styles of decorative solar lamps are available, including eccentric mushroom shapes, string lights, and exquisite box designs. This type of battery is typically less powerful and may require more time to charge.

Because they are made of flimsier materials, they are more likely to collapse under the weight of a heavy storm or if you mistakenly run into them with a lawnmower in the future. Remember to consider the placement of decorative lights while shopping for them, since some of them can be rather huge and may appear out of place on a narrow pathway.

There are various different design alternatives available for security lights. The fact that you do not always have to trade beauty for functionality should not be overlooked. It is true that there are some bright, strong bulbs on the market that are both well-designed and visually appealing enough to be displayed conspicuously in your front yard.

However, the majority of these options are either black or silver in color, and they work as a type of solar spotlight, thanks to the presence of non-discreet exterior solar panels on the outside.

How often will you be using the lights?

On a full charge, the majority of solar lamps will remain illuminated for an average of 4 to 5 hours. While the product listing may state that the product would be available for 8 hours, this is not always the case. For those who intend to use their lights on a regular basis, rather than simply for the occasional dinner party, it is recommended that you choose a lamp that charges quickly.

It is possible to purchase alternatives which include motion-activated sensors and/or auto shut-off functions, which make it simple to keep your battery charged. People who want to use their lights while running errands at night or returning home from work will find motion-activation to be a particularly useful feature.

Rather than fiddling around with keys or switches, your lamps will automatically turn on and illuminate your path, then turn off as you enter the building itself.

Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Path Lights

Battery Life

A model with a long battery life is essential, regardless of whether you use your solar lights occasionally or on a daily basis. Solar lights that only last a few hours are essentially worthless, especially if they require a significant period of time to refuel. As a completely charged solar powered light typically has a battery life of 4 to 5 hours, we consider a battery life of 6 or more hours to be a significant advantage (although the packaging may mislead).

Charging Time

The average time it takes for a lamp to charge is crucial for those who live in mixed climates, which is the vast majority of the population. Every region experiences a few gloomy days here and there, and a string of two or more cloudy days could result in a week without sunlight. If your model requires more than 8 hours to charge in direct sunshine, this is extremely important to consider. For all people, including those who live in tropical conditions, solar lamps with a fast recharge rate are the most suitable option.

Pack Size

Who doesn’t enjoy the prospect of saving money? The majority of us do not purchase just one or two solar lights for a route, especially if it is in a garden or if it is bordering the perimeter of a home.

On average, 10 or more lights are required to illuminate a whole outside space, unless it is a small sidewalk or patio. The majority of solar lamps are sold in sets of two or more, allowing you to get more bang for your buck overall. Unless you’re purchasing them only for decorative purposes, we recommend that you look for a bundle that contains a minimum of four pieces.


As we previously discussed, the lumen rating of a light determines how bright it is. When it comes to lumen rating, the higher it is, the brighter the light will be. Regardless of whether you require a highly illuminated area, having a greater lumen rating will save you money in the long run because you will not have to purchase as many lights to adequately illuminate your space. The majority of solar lamps produce between 2 and 50 lumens, with the lowest output being meant solely for ornamental purposes.

Here’s a quick way to convert lumens to watts:

  • 5 lm = .08 W
  • 15 lm = .25 W
  • 30 lm = .5 W
  • 50 lm = .8 w


When displaying something in public, it’s important to consider how visually appealing the object is—especially if you’ll be spending a significant amount of time looking at it. Even path lights that are designed to be durable and functional should retain a certain level of aesthetic appeal. All models considered unsuitable for the normal home or outdoor construction include those that are overtly plastic or false appearing, those with design defects, and those with cumbersome features.


Aside from being unsightly, cheap-looking materials, such as thin plastics, can literally make or break a product’s success or failure. Weak materials are more susceptible to harm from external forces such as rain, lawnmowers, unintentional kicking, and pets.

Once the solar battery has been exposed, the entire light is rendered inoperable and non-operational. We pay close attention to the product’s construction and materials because you’ll want your investment in solar lights to survive for more than a few days after you make the purchase.

How easy is it to install solar lights?

In general, most solar lights are simple to set up and need little effort on your part. Because they are not connected to a central power source, as are traditional circuit lights, solar-powered models can be placed one at a time with minimum difficulty.

Most of them necessitate the digging of a small hole where the lamp post is to be installed, as well as careful consideration of the quantity of sunlight that will be received by the lamp post. It’s possible that you’ll need to turn on the auto settings or other features that are detailed in the user handbook.

Can you replace the battery if it breaks?

Even while some versions come with new batteries, cheaper solar lights will need to be replaced in their whole if they become faulty. As a result, it is critical to protect the battery from exposure to the environment or any other external harm, as this will lead the light to become fully inoperative.

If you’re concerned about potential damage, we recommend that you check the manufacturer’s website or product description to see if they provide new batteries.

Will the lights automatically turn on and off on all models?

Some solar light types do not have automatic functionalities, and they may need to be turned on and off manually. There are some of them that have auto switches that must be activated in order for this feature to function.

Time of day (dawn and dusk), particular set times, and motion sensor activation are all possible with auto turn-on and shut-off systems, among other things. When it comes to a basic solar path light, auto timing for dawn and dusk is usually the most appropriate option because it conserves light, illuminates only when needed, and relieves you of the burden of keeping track of a timing device.

Solar lights with motion sensors could also be an alternative. We investigated the six best solar motion lights available, and you can see which one took the top rank for use along a garden path.

How long do the solar lights generally last?

Assuming that the battery does not suffer any harm, a solar light battery will survive on average for 2 years. The light bulbs, which are mainly LED, have a lifespan of up to 30 years and may be reused.

You must make certain that they are kept in good condition if you want them to be used for a lengthy period of time. The amount of time your solar lights last can be determined by how well you maintain them. It doesn’t matter which brand you buy; small actions like cleaning your solar panels on a regular basis and storing them when they are not in use will assist to extend the life of your equipment.

Rankings & Reviews

Consider the following selection of the best solar path lights we’ve put together for you: For your consideration, we’ve selected the top six solar lights available on the market based on our defined criteria for brightness (lumens), design type, battery life, pack count, and size.

Our rankings take into account a wide range of uses and objectives, and are not confined to either ornamental or safety lighting applications. As a result, we place a high value on versatility when determining our rankings.

Our #1 Pick: BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights (4 & 8 Pack)

  • Battery life: 8-12 hours
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Pack size: 4 or 8
  • Lumens: 10
  • Attractiveness: 3 Colors (Brown, Back & Silver)
  • Material: Stainless steel, Glass
  • The high points: Beautiful design makes this a versatile choice and very aesthetically pleasing.
  • The low points: With a higher price point than other competitors, this option may be unaffordable if you’re looking to decorate a large path or outdoor space.

This solar path light from the reputed manufacturer, Beau Jardin, is the ideal alternative for design-conscious shoppers who choose quality over quantity.

While the product fulfills or exceeds our minimal requirements in terms of battery life and brightness, we are most impressed with its stylish and robust design, which includes a thick post, a glass window, and a roof that is protected from the elements.

When it comes to both design quality and versatility, this light is the best option on the market today. It will readily elevate and improve the overall safety of a simple outdoor route.

What do reviewers say?

Some reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the length of the ground stakes, wishing they were a little longer.

In order to properly install the route light, it is advised that a stake be driven into the ground. There have been instances where the light or solar top has been destroyed as a result of attempting to press them into hard earth without first “drilling” a hole with a wooden stake.

Features & Considerations

The light is completely waterproof, so it can resist any type of adverse weather. Because of the diamond-shaped glass light shade situated on top of the casing, it will absorb as much light as possible, making it suitable for use in all climates.

Despite the fact that the size is decent, it may be too little for people wishing to light up a huge space. The soft white light is also not as intense as a blue glow, but the LEDs are more than sufficient to suit the needs of the average homeowner in most situations.

Additionally, the lamp includes an auto function as well as a visually appealing light pattern for your walkway.

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The Next Best: URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light

  • Battery life: 6-9 hours
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Pack size: 2
  • Lumens: 50
  • Attractiveness: Industrial black design with external solar panel
  • Material: Plastic
  • The high points: Extremely bright spotlight with adjustable positioning makes it perfect for security purposes.
  • The low points: The external solar panel can be damaged more easily and is also relatively unattractive compared to other models.

This solar light model is more of a spotlight than a lamp or solar lantern, and it is made of plastic. The intense and focused concentration of light is ideal for a wide range of applications, and it provides a large amount of product at a fair price.

While it may not be the most visually appealing model available, its modest size and adjustable head allow you to quickly tuck it away in the bushes where it will be out of sight. When it comes to nighttime, the black hue is also a good choice.

A lot of capability is packed into a small package with the sweeping spotlight, which makes it a formidable contender in the solar path light industry as a whole.

What do reviewers say?

Users have stated that these are the greatest lights for landscaping since they can draw attention to specific aspects such as home facades and gardens, among others. The powerful spotlights also offer a wide beam of light, which allows them to illuminate large regions.

Those who prefer a soft white color say it is too cool for them, while those who dislike it say it is too warm. Taste, on the other hand, is subjective, and most people agree that these lights are excellent for a range of applications. In fact, consumers consistently report that they have purchased more items after making their initial purchase.

Features & Considerations

This type is distinguished by the fact that it offers two different installation options: you can either use a stick to put it in the ground or screws to attach it to a wall. If you’re looking to brighten up a dark area or path, such as a rural driveway, this provides you with a greater number of options to consider.

Because of the moveable head, it is simple to adjust the placement of the spotlight as needed. Decorative objectives can be achieved by concentrating it on trees or the perimeter of your property, or by placing it in a particularly vulnerable area to deter intruders.

The solar light is controlled by an automated switch, which allows it to react to the changing day by turning on at nightfall and going off in the morning when the sun rises. It is advantageous to be able to conserve energy while maintaining a regular schedule without the need for manual intervention.

Solar lights have an extraordinarily high luminous flux and can therefore illuminate even the darkest of regions due to their high lumen output. The lamp has two brightness settings: low and high, for those who want a gentler lighting effect. The low setting is softer and whiter, which helps to create a more ambient outdoor scene in the evening.

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Our Next Favorite: Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights

  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Pack size: 8
  • Lumens: 10
  • Attractiveness: Simple silver design with discreet shape
  • Material: Stainless steel and glass
  • The high points: The hardy material and cost-effective price point makes this a great choice for a large pathway.
  • The low points: The design is very basic and may not be the brightest for large areas.

With a simple stainless steel appearance and a brightness of 10 lumens, this solar path light stands out as a cost-effective alternative to the competition.

Because of its compact size and strong construction, it is a viable choice for a variety of applications, particularly long walks and perimeter areas.

Despite the fact that the design is not spectacular, the gorgeous light pattern provides a little something more that makes this option stand out from the competition.

What do reviewers say?

The fact that they are so simple to install and assemble has been praised by the majority of reviewers. Because of their long-lasting bodies, most consumers aren’t concerned about incidental damage occurring throughout the purchasing process.

Despite the fact that the lights aren’t the brightest, the majority of people report that they are effective. They are also stunning when used in gardens, around pools, and on pathway edges. The problem is that after a few years of constant use, they eventually stop working altogether.

Features & Considerations

The solar light, which has a one-of-a-kind and intriguing cast-off design, adds an unexpected touch of elegance to paths with molted star patterns.

Stainless steel is a durable material that can withstand all types of weather conditions without deteriorating, making it an excellent choice for those who live in cold areas. When coupled with the simple rounded post form, the material is also visually appealing, and it would make a lovely accent to a garden path or walkway.

In light of the huge pack size and fair price point, this product would be particularly well suited for someone who wants to line a long walk rather than just decorate a small area.

They will automatically switch on at sunset and will be able to run for the entire night on a single charge. If you have any problems with the batteries holding a charge, you can swap them out for brand new ones.

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4. GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights

  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Pack size: 2
  • Lumens: 10
  • Attractiveness: Decorative post light with beautiful, classic casing design
  • Material: Plastic
  • The high points: The beautiful design and good lumen output make it a great choice for decorative path lighting.
  • The low points: Relatively weak plastic construction isn’t as durable and more susceptible to damage.

However, while the LED bulbs in the GIGALUMI solar path lights are primarily intended for ornamental purposes, their brightness is surprisingly high for their size. They are an excellent complement to a garden or other feature, and they can be used to illuminate paths to encourage cautious walking.

While the casing isn’t the most durable on the market, the box design is elegant and reasonably priced, making it a suitable choice for individuals who want a decorative element rather than a bright light that will last through the seasons and is easy on the pocketbook.

What do reviewers say?

Some customers have reported that the batteries do not keep the amount of charge that was advertised, resulting in the lights not being able to operate naturally throughout the night. Some people have overcome this problem by purchasing and installing other batteries, which significantly enhances the light output capacity.

The gentle amber color is pleasing to the eye and provides exactly the correct amount of light for the majority of users, making it a pleasant addition to their gardens or country paths. Some people, however, have reported that they have been damaged while attempting to install them in hard ground, thus it is critical to drill a hole in advance to avoid unneeded damage.

Features & Considerations

The lantern’s size and dimensions are larger than the norm, making it a more noticeable decorative feature in a garden or along a pathway than the norm.

It fills the space with a mellow glow rather than a dazzling, all-encompassing light because of the amber plastic covering and white LED bulb used in its construction.

The automatic timer makes it a snap to use and maintain. Once the switch under the roof is turned on, the light will automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise the following morning.

With several solar panels strategically placed on the roof, the lights may absorb a significant quantity of sunshine every day, resulting in a longer period of active charging.

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5. YUNLIGHTS 5 LED Solar Ground Lights

  • Battery life: 6-8 hours
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Pack size: 4
  • Lumens: 25
  • Attractiveness: Classic in-ground disc shape
  • Material:
  • The high points: The unique design is great for in-ground lighting that doesn’t block pathways or views.
  • The low points: The design is not very versatile and may not work in exceptionally hard ground.

This solar-powered light features a traditional disc-shaped design that is ideal for lighting simple roads and walkways. These lights are a stunning complement to any landscape, from driveways to pool perimeters. They cannot, however, be installed in non-dirt places since they must be pressed into the ground with a stick to be effective.

The recessed design leaves a clean appearance, which distinguishes it from other, more bulky options available on the market. This is the greatest option for individuals who want to modernize their outdoor areas by installing in-ground lighting systems.

What do reviewers say?

According to multiple reviewers, the plastic, pointed 4-cornered stake is simple to put in soft grass or mud because of its pointed design. They are practical and convenient for lighting a route or driveway, however they may not be effective in hard ground conditions.

The lighting isn’t as brilliant as some had hoped, but it’s adequate for the task at hand. Aside from that, the color of the light is less of a warm yellow and more of a bright white in appearance.

Features & Considerations

The low-profile design is ideal for dim illumination that doesn’t draw attention away from the work. The disc shape is flush with the ground and provides a pleasing appearance for illuminated walkways.

You should keep in mind that there is no way to direct the lighting, as you would with a spotlight. The upward direction of the lights, on the other hand, produces a huge cast of light that brightens the majority of the room.

The product offers a greater lighting capacity than other similar goods on the market because to the use of five LED lights per unit.

Because the product has no dimensions, it must be placed in an area where it will always receive direct sunshine, which will allow the flat solar panel to generate electricity.

At sunset and sunrise, the lights will automatically turn on and off. You must turn on the disc by pressing the switch on the back of the disc. This means that, prior to installation, you will need to turn on the device because its back hatch will not be accessible once it has been buried in the ground.

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6. Kshioe Solar Riki Light By, 96 LED Waterproof Flickering Flames

  • Battery life: 5-6 hours
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Pack size: 4
  • Lumens: 35
  • Attractiveness: Charming tiki torch based design with faux dancing flames
  • Material: ABS & PC
  • The high points: The quirky design is unique and fun as a garden solar light, or for short paths.
  • The low points: These fake torches are not very practical for lighting large areas or discreet locations.

This solar-powered fake tiki torch is the most distinctive item on our list, and it makes a stunning accent to any party or pool house setting.

Featuring a waterproof housing and close to 100 LED lights, this solution transcends decor while still providing a certain level of functionality. Despite the fact that it isn’t the brightest option, it’s other features and cute style make it a strong competitor.

What do reviewers say?

A simulated “dancing flame” made by solar batteries is a popular choice among buyers because of its elegant look and high-quality construction. Some people, however, are concerned about the overall quality of the batteries.

Others appreciate the fact that you can achieve the effect of a tiki torch without having to worry about fluid, wind, or fire. This is most likely the most important selling aspect of this device, rather than the fact that it is an effective solar-powered path light.

Features & Considerations

Because of the 96 total LED lights in the design, the tiki torch design simulates the flickering flame look while still keeping a reasonable level of brightness.

The whimsical design and aesthetic is appropriate for a variety of occasions such as parties, camping, swimming pools, and gardening, but it is not always viable for practical safety reasons.

An automatic light control operates on the principle of a sensor controlling the on and off functions, eliminating the need to manually adjust the settings.

Because of their great size, they are a highly visible feature in any outdoor setting. When used as decorative elements in tropical ambiances, they look fantastic.

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