6 Best Solar Security Cameras | 2021 (Rankings and Reviews)

Some people worry about the safety of their families or their property, but one of these six best solar security cameras can help alleviate that anxiety. There are a variety of places where solar security cameras can be put to good use. These include gateways, garages, playgrounds, perimeters, building sites, and even cottages. Install a wire-free gadget in your desired location and link it to your phone or tablet. That’s it.

Mobile security apps let you accomplish everything with the push of a button, from conversing with a delivery person at your door to aiding the police in tracking down a car robber. Using solar-powered security cameras saves money by eliminating the need for expensive electricity or cumbersome wiring.

An additional method of home protection is to use motion sensor lights, which we cover in detail in this post.

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6 Best Solar Security Cameras

Best Overall: Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

  • App: Amazon Ring, Amazon Alexa
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • The high points: A “smart” product that’s highly customizable and app controlled.
  • The not-so: Amazon has experienced worrisome data breaches in the past.

Ring security cameras have received mostly positive feedback from customers. Simple installation, connection with other Ring devices, and tiny size are some of the highlights. Customers particularly appreciated the camera’s ability to be handled by a single phone app for all camera features.

Customers who encountered problems with their cameras spoke about Amazon’s friendly and responsive customer care. Previous issues with device integration and customization have been resolved thanks to new upgrades. Although some users have complained about the short battery life, this shouldn’t be an issue with a solar-powered model.

Features & Factors to Think About

All of Amazon’s “smart” home products, including the Ring camera, are app-friendly. For those who have the Ring app installed, they may watch and share their recorded footage, as well as control their cameras using it. For individuals who are frequently away from home, the two-way talk feature lets them see, hear, and speak to their guests right from the app.

For the utmost in home protection, pair the camera with an Echo Dot or Ring doorbell from Amazon’s own line. Homeowners may use Alexa’s voice control to see who’s nearby just by speaking. Multiple Ring cameras can be installed on a larger property, and all of them can be controlled from the Ring app.

Homeowners have the option of customizing their cameras through the Ring app. Users may focus on critical areas, issue alarms, and more with motion and privacy zones that can be adjusted. If you’d like additional control over your home security, this is the feature for you.

If you want to mount it to the ceiling, you’ll need to purchase a separate ceiling bracket to do so. It has a broad field of view, excellent night vision, and a resolution of 1080p HD. It has a one-year limited warranty and is weather-resistant.

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Runner-Up: Reolink 3G/4G Outdoor Security Camera

  • App: Reolink Cloud
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • The high points: Doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection.
  • The not-so: SIM card is only compatible with certain carriers.

When it comes to security cameras, Reolink has a well-known name in the field, and their 3G/46 Go model is among the best. Without a Wi-Fi network connection, the camera can monitor protected cabins, trailers, gates, trails and other hard-to-reach areas. This high-end camera packs a powerful punch thanks to a slew of added features.

What are the opinions of reviewers?

Reolink’s Wi-Fi free capabilities have impressed reviewers in the end. As a result, the camera can be utilized in unusual places like building sites or camping grounds. Both the image and audio resolution were impressive.

The camera’s nighttime capabilities didn’t meet the expectations of all reviewers. In the dark, just around 5 feet of distance is visible on the tape, according to them. In other cases, customers were dissatisfied since the service providers approved did not cover their homes.

Features & Factors to Think About

The Reolink Go model’s 3G/4G network compatibility is one of its main features. Instead of requiring a Wi-Fi network, this security camera may be used everywhere there is cell coverage. There are several options for using the offered SIM card: prepaid T-Mobile data, Freedompop or Ting, or Cricket or Mint.

For those who prefer a “hard copy,” the camera records everything on an SD card. When using the Reolink Cloud, customers will be able to view their recordings for up to seven days. Similarly to other high-tech security cameras, Reolink offers a free app that allows visitors within the camera’s field of view to speak with you in two-way audio.

Reolink offers some of the industry’s greatest image quality. An amazing 110-degree field of view and 1080p full HD recording are provided by the infrared, motion-activated cameras of this system. Using the starlight CMOS image sensor for nighttime recording, you can get clear images from up to 10 meters (33 ft) away.

The camera has a micro USB charging plug that connects to the solar panel separately, so it may also be used with an alternative power source in bad weather. A screwdriver is all you need to install the device. It is waterproof to IP65 standards and requires little maintenance.

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Best All-In-One Device: SOLIOM S60 Outdoor Security Camera

  • App: SOLIOM
  • Field of view: 160 degrees
  • The high points: The solar panel doesn’t require separate installation.
  • The not-so: Has a weak Wi-Fi sensor and may require a Wi-Fi extender.

The SOLIOM S60 Outdoor Security Camera is an excellent choice for basic security because it is both affordable and adaptable. When motion is detected, homeowners can use the app or an SD card to store and view brief videos. Because it is self-contained, it’s an excellent option for people who don’t want to set up a separate camera and solar panel.

What are the opinions of the critics?

The SOLIOM S60 solar security camera has received a mixed bag of reviews. Most people think it’s a great product and say it’s a simple option for wireless home security. They appreciate the crystal-clear picture and the fact that it is waterproof.

The app’s installation, Wi-Fi connection difficulties, motion triggers, and overall usability have all been criticized by users.

This low-cost model is ideal for those who want to get back to the fundamentals.

Features & Factors to Think About

The solar panels that come with the SOLIOM security camera provide it a distinct advantage while also posing a significant disadvantage. Positively, the solar panels don’t necessitate any additional installation work, saving you money, space, and having to do less frustrating drilling. Having said that, this also means that the complete camera system must be placed in a location with appropriate sunshine, which may result in a reduction in the quantity of coverage.

Aside from its design, the SOLIOM S60 is an ordinary solar surveillance camera. With a free app, users may share their accounts, receive notifications, stream video, and listen to audio in both directions. They can also watch back recorded footage. Even though an SD card isn’t included in the kit, you can save your recordings to it.

Homeowners will love the excellent image quality, which includes daytime video in 1080p full HD and nighttime video with built-in LEDs. From 33 to 49 feet away, the camera is clearly visible. It also automatically switches to night mode when it gets dark outside. When used with a router that is too far away, it may be necessary to use a Wi-Fi extender because of the device’s limited detecting range.

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Best Mid-Range Option: YESKAMO Solar Security Camera

  • App: CloudEdge
  • Field of view: 138 degrees
  • The high points: Comes with antennas that extend Wi-Fi connection distance by 50%.
  • The not-so: Is not inconspicuous. 

The YESKAMO solar security camera is an excellent value for money alternative for any homeowner. The YESKAMO is less expensive than top-shelf versions, but it doesn’t skimp on features or build quality. Actually, the camera’s field of vision and digital zoom are superior to those of more expensive alternatives.

What are the opinions of reviewers?

The YESKAMO solar surveillance camera has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from reviewers. They appreciate how simple it is to set up, how sensitive the motion detection is, and the fact that it can record to an SD card. A major selling point is the high quality of the images.

A few customers didn’t like that the YESKAMO is solely controlled by an app on their phones. To be fair to the industry, this is a common occurrence. An additional reviewer noted issues with the battery’s ability to hold a charge.

Features & Factors to Think About

It’s hard to believe that the YESKAMO solar security camera can compete with some of the best on our list when it comes to features. These pick’s integrated Wi-Fi antennas are a major selling point above the competition. The two vertical antennae can maintain a strong and steady network connection when connecting to a router that is around 50% further away than ordinary security camera models.

The long battery life is another another plus. To keep its charge, the camera only needs 4 days of direct sunlight every month. It should be placed where it receives plenty of sunlight. In addition, the camera has been tested and confirmed to be waterproof to a depth of one meter in adverse weather.

The YESKAMO has remarkable recording capabilities thanks to its 1080p HD quality, 4X digital zoom, and PIR heat signature motion sensor. Movement activates the camera, which has a viewing range of 65 feet. For the “night vision” mode, the built-in infrared LEDs will automatically switch on as the light level drops.

The YESKAMO, like most other solar security cameras, includes a convenient cloud storage app for viewing recorded footage, streaming live video, communicating two-way, receiving warnings, and setting custom alarms for certain situations. A small SD card can store all of your film for long periods of time.

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For Those On A Budget: BenyTech Solar Security Camera

  • App: i-Cam 
  • Field of view: 138 degrees
  • The high points: It is more weatherproof than other models.
  • The not-so: The viewing distance is only 16 feet.

In terms of value, the BenyTech Solar Security Camera is the most affordable option on our list. Wi-Fi, app-based cloud storage, two-way audio, and other basic features are all included, making it a one-stop shop. The BenyTech is an excellent entry-level green home security system for people on a budget.

What are the opinions of reviewers?

The BenyTech Solar Security Camera offers a high rate of customer satisfaction. Reviewers have praised the camera’s portability, low cost, simplicity, and efficiency. In addition, they’re happy with the application.

The battery life has been criticized by a number of users for being underwhelming. This could be due to the motion sensor’s sensitivity. Poor battery health can be a concern if your cameras are installed in a place where there isn’t enough sunshine.

Features & Factors to Think About

In spite of its diminutive size and low cost, the BenyTech Solar Security Camera nevertheless has a lot to offer. BenyTech’s device, on the other hand, is the only one that is truly weatherproof. It’s IP67-certified rather than IP65-certified.

The BenyTech camera’s 138-degree wide-angle lens gives it an unusually wide field of view. The camera, on the other hand, has a shortcoming: it can only identify images from a distance of up to 16 feet during the day. This could be a concern for homeowners who want to monitor a bigger area.

Videos are stored as still images on the SD card and are broadcast to the encrypted i-Cam app. You may exchange information with family and friends, stay up-to-date in real time, get alerts, and have two-way audio conversations with guests all through the app.

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Best For Securing Large Areas: Reolink Wireless Pan Tilt Security Camera System

  • App: Reolink Cloud, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Field of view: 355 degrees (horizontal), 140 degrees (vertical)
  • The high points: Users can pan and tilt the camera for an almost 360-degree view of their property.
  • The not-so: Only 7 days of previous footage is available for free playback.

A brand-new ReoLink product, the ReoLink Wireless Pan Tilt Camera, joins the ever-growing ReoLink family. Traditional ceiling-mounted panoramic security cameras use wires and power expenses to operate. This new kind does not. For the price, the ReoLink is a great value because to its wide field of view, motion sensor, and multi-app compatibility.

What are the opinions of reviewers?

Reolink Pan Tilt solar security cameras have received rave reviews from customers. For the most part, consumers are attracted by the camera’s image quality and push notifications. They also like how simple it was to get everything up and running.

If you don’t plan on installing your Wi-Fi antenna close to your home’s Wi-Fi router, one customer suggests buying a longer one. The Reolink Cloud software was causing problems for several customers, so they returned their cameras. Others remarked on how sluggish the camera moved when using the pan/tilt feature.

Features & Factors to Think About

The Argus PT camera head, which can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically, is the best-selling feature of the Reolink Pan Tilt camera. Because of its wide field of view and long range of vision (33 feet), this security camera is suitable for large properties. Aside from that, it has a 1080p HD resolution, a 6X digital zoom, a CMOS image sensor, starlight color night vision, and a PIR motion sensor that’s extremely responsive.

This Reolink model’s app compatibility is one of its best features. Reolink Cloud is a free program that allows users to stream live video, set and manage alerts, speak to guests, and watch previously recorded footage for up to seven days. Reolink Cloud is easy to use. Connecting the Reolink to a Google Home Hub or Chromecast-enabled TV for voice-activated commands is also an option for Google Assistant users. Subscribers to Amazon Alexa can upgrade to the Echo Show for even more features.

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What to look for in a solar security camera

Choosing the best solar security camera might be difficult because there are so many options available on the market. Motion detection, recording quality, installation options, and app compatibility are just a few of the features available on each camera system. Each system is designed to meet the specific demands of the homeowner. Finding the correct solution to complete your home security system is easy if you keep your specific criteria in mind.

What type of application or playback device do you want to use?

There is software and an application for each solar security camera system that comes with it. To manage their cameras from a phone or tablet, people can use cloud-based apps. A few cameras are also multi-app compatible, allowing them to work with other “smart” home gadgets and services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant without any issues.

There are cameras with Micro SD card slots that don’t require an app to work. If you require any of the footage, it’s all saved to the SD card. However, without the app, you won’t be able to make changes, receive notifications, stream live, or use two-way audio.

Solar Security Camera Apps
Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Amazon Ring, Amazon Alexa
Reolink 3G/4G Outdoor Security Camera Reolink Cloud
SOLIOM S60 Outdoor Security Camera SOLIOM
YESKAMO Solar Security Camera CloudEdge
BenyTech Solar Security Camera i-Cam
Reolink Wireless Pan Tilt Security Camera System Reolink Cloud, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

How big is the area you’re trying to secure?

Most home owners simply want to protect a small area, such as their front entrance, therefore they don’t require a wide field of vision or range. These essential requirements will be met by all security cameras powered by solar energy. Since intruders are most active at night, the camera’s range in low light will be critical.

In order to monitor a broader region, such as a construction site or a large backyard, you’ll need a camera with an expansive field of view, good digital zoom, and a pan or tilt capability, at the very minimum. Alternatively, you can set up overlapping fields of vision on many cameras to ensure that every nook and corner is protected.

Where will you be installing the camera?

The placement of a solar security camera affects a few key factors:

  • Wi-Fi network strength
  • Battery power
  • Weather damage

If a Wi-Fi router or a 3G/4G SIM card is used to connect the camera, it is required. The Wi-Fi connection used by most cameras varies in strength based on the distance between the camera and the router. Small antenna cameras will have a difficult time connecting to a router because it is located at the back of your home.

Solar surveillance cameras, of course, rely on the sun to power their batteries. Most systems come with a separate solar panel that can be placed in a sunny location apart from the camera. If you set one in a shady alcove or a tree, you’ll have to deal with poor batteries because the solar panels are integrated into the unit.

Weatherproofing is a need for all exterior security cameras these days, regardless of price. Some, on the other hand, are superior to others. If you live in a location that experiences extremely harsh weather, such as freezing temperatures, high temperatures, or heavy rain, you should opt for an IP code that is higher (its weatherproofing certificate).

Do you have access to a Wi-Fi network?

As previously indicated, because they store data in the cloud, solar security cameras require a network connection. In order to maintain a steady connection, most cameras use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and should be located close to the router. Wi-Fi extenders and longer antennas are simple solutions for a distant router.

A 3G/4G camera is the greatest choice for people who don’t have access to Wi-Fi, such as those who live in cabins or camp. SIM cards, like the ones found in smartphones and tablets, are used by these cameras to access a wireless carrier network. A monthly data package will be required, but it’s a little amount to pay for the security of a remote location.

Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Security Cameras

We’ve selected the 6 best solar security cameras from a wide range of products based on our specific criteria.

App compatibility and camera field of vision (measured in degrees) play a large role in our rankings. Besides that, it considers the entire system’s quality and extras.

Is there an app for the camera?

Each solar security camera system comes with compatible software. While every application has its own set of pros and cons, the best ones will offer a few essentials:

  • Livestreaming
  • Two-way audio
  • Push alerts or alarms
  • Playback of old footage
  • Customization settings for controlling the motion sensor, alarms and operation time

Field of view

The field of view and the distance to infrared will always be highlighted in a security camera listing. This controls how far the camera can “see” in daylight and at night. As a result, the security of your property will be compromised because you will only be able to see a small area clearly.

  • The width of the field of view (angle)
  • Range refers to the maximum distance that a camera can observe (distance)

In most cases, a typical 110-degree field of vision is sufficient for home security surveillance purposes. Those that need to secure wider regions, on the other hand, should look for cameras with a field of view of at least 160 degrees.

Solar Security Camera Field of view (in degrees)
Ring Stick Up Cam Solar 110
Reolink 3G/4G Outdoor Security Camera 110
SOLIOM S60 Outdoor Security Camera 160
YESKAMO Solar Security Camera 138
BenyTech Solar Security Camera 138
Reolink Wireless Pan Tilt Security Camera System 355 horizontally, 140 vertically

Can I access my Security camera on a computer?

There’s a lot of camera software out there, but it’s all for iOS or Android. Setup might be a hassle for homeowners who wish to use their PC to see their cameras. Only the Amazon Ring has a Windows app, making it a genuine PC-friendly camera.

The most recent security footage is saved to a cloud drive by all solar security camera systems. The camera’s local app gives users access to the cloud. If your camera has an SD card port, you can also use a card reader to download and save the images immediately.

Will my Security camera ever run out of battery?

Solar-powered security cameras have the advantage of never running out of electricity. Their batteries will remain charged as long as they are placed in direct sunlight. Only when motion is detected is the camera activated, which saves electricity.

Can I turn my wireless security camera into a solar powered one?

Some solar-powered wireless security cameras are available. So, instead of buying a new solar ring, you can buy a solar panel to convert the one you already have. Ask the maker of your camera if you’re unclear whether it will work.